Still In Hollywood

And you see some very strange things while you are here. Cool! But strange.

Welcome to the weekend. Any plans? If you’re in Los Angeles, you should come to the LA Times Festival of Books, where I will be appearing on a panel on Sunday at 1pm. But if you are not going to do that: Any other plans?

(Note: “Not a damn thing” is an excellent plan, too.)

— JS

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  1. This evening I’m going to a storytelling circle that’s held once a month. My contribution will be a reading of Karel Capek’s one-page story “From The Point of View of a Cat.”

    And then on Sunday evening I’m going to a screening of some French film noir that a local cinema is holding. I have seen the first movie (Rififi) before, but not the second (Bob le Flambeur). It looks to be a promising time.

  2. I’m working at an elementary school library fundraiser on Saturday, then Sunday I am back at my current job, in a garden center. Monday and Tuesday are my weekend, but I will be baking for regular customers, and stocking my Etsy shop. I haven’t had a day off since… Elementary school? I dunno. I have read about the 40 hour week, but I can’t recall ever experiencing it.

  3. Working this morning, but the rest of the weekend will be some form of gaming. One of my D&D groups meets Saturday afternoon/evening, and Sunday afternoon will be Guild Wars 2 with friends.

  4. Plans? What are these “plans” you speak of?

    Nah, just hanging out, reading, surfing the web as we old people do, watching Brit Night (mostly Poirot and Foyle’s War) on TV, going to the local Greenmarket and making some meatballs and spaghetti and salad.

    Have fun, you young and active guy,

  5. Building some scaffolding in preparation for some work on an end-wall of my house. Assuming the rain stops.

  6. Sounds like you are having a fun time!

    My weekend plans are a mix of the mundane (housecleaning, laundry, grocery shopping) and the exciting (attending a performance of a brand-new play as part of World Premiere Wisconsin). I am really looking forward to the play, titled Artemisia, written by Lauren Gunderson and performed by the amazing actors at Forward Theater. Not looking forward to the chores quite as much, but I’ll enjoy the results, at least.

  7. Saturday I already did a load of laundry and a dump run and it’s only noon. Sunday I’m going on an all-day bus trip to the NY Botanical Gardens. I expect to be miserable, but maybe I’ll be wrong.

  8. Sitting out on the patio with my dog, now that temperatures have risen to above 40.

  9. In Jersey City, NJ, which is where my new apartment is. I came down to wait for a television delivery, which ended up being sent to my PREVIOUS address in upstate NY, a six-hour drive away!

    So I’m doing a little furniture shopping and meeting with friends, then going back Monday to send the television back and have them reship it to me in Jersey City.

    The fun never ends….

  10. I’m working on a little presentation about ecofiction for my library association. It’s always fun when I can mix work with my love of sf.

  11. Just about to go and clean the chicken run then slack off for the rest of a glorious Sunday.

  12. I saw that you will be signing at Mysterious Galaxy tomorrow but I forgot to write down the time! Will you leave a few extra signed copies at their booth?

  13. Weekend plans:
    1. Marathon cleaning ahead of in-laws arrival.
    2. Entertain in-laws
    3. Recover from in-laws’ visit

    I’m currently on item 3.

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