What the Scalzi Family Foundation is Up To

You may recall that we’ve created a corporation, the Scalzi Family Foundation, to manage and focus our charitable giving out in the world. If you’re wondering what that might entail, here is our first thing.

(For those of you who don’t want to click through, we’re sponsoring the Gen Con Writers’ Symposium this year.)

— JS

11 Comments on “What the Scalzi Family Foundation is Up To”

  1. As a participant in the Gen Con Writers’ Symposium this year, I am very glad for the support!

  2. After reading the list of perks you get, I’m dying to know: what’s the Scalzi Family Foundation’s logo?

  3. Look, Donald Trump proved that family foundations are for tax evasion. And here you are trying to do something good. Whatever were you thinking?

  4. Hope this made you and Krissy smile. Will be looking forward to activities you’ll be planning for the Old Church.

  5. This seems both generous and surprisingly affordable. I imagine we’ll get a post out of it here, which I would enjoy.

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