Daily Archives: April 25, 2023

The Big Idea: Kat Howard

Some stories beg to be written, and sometimes characters do the same. In author Kat Howard’s case, she intentionally left a door open for her character to walk through so she could write her again. Read on to see how this turned into her newest novel, A Sleight of Shadows. KAT HOWARD: Dear Reader: I’m afraid […]

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Travel By Bullet Out in Print and eBook From Subterranean Press

If you were waiting for the text-based editions of the third installment of the Dispatcher series, good news: They’re out! Both the signed, limited hardcover edition of the book, and the ebook version, are generally available. As the hardcover edition is both signed and limited, it’s a little more expensive. The ebook version is very […]

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Goodbye Sidebar Twitter Feed

A note for the folks who visit the site directly, rather than see these posts via email/RSS feed: For several years I’ve had a sidebar widget that posted last several tweets here; Athena has one too. However, at the end of the month Twitter is severely restricting access to its API, the process that lets […]

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