Travel By Bullet Out in Print and eBook From Subterranean Press

John Scalzi

If you were waiting for the text-based editions of the third installment of the Dispatcher series, good news: They’re out! Both the signed, limited hardcover edition of the book, and the ebook version, are generally available. As the hardcover edition is both signed and limited, it’s a little more expensive. The ebook version is very affordably priced. You pick!

If you’re getting the signed, limited hardcover edition, and have not already pre-ordered it, your best chance of getting it before it sells out is to get it from publisher Subterranean Press directly. The ebook version is available at any of your favorite ebook retailers, and also from Subterranean Press directly as well.

I’m really happy with this installment of the series and as always just thrilled with the fine job Subterranean has done bringing the print version out into the world. They are the best, and if you get one of these editions, you are the best, too. I hope you love it.

— JS

10 Comments on “Travel By Bullet Out in Print and eBook From Subterranean Press”

  1. LOVE the Dispatcher series. Didn’t even know they were coming out in hardcover–love what Zachary Quinto does with the novellas so I’ve always listened to him bring it to life!

  2. My shiny new copy arrived yesterday. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for this amazing world.

  3. Great!

    I’ve had the #1 hold on the 10 copies our local library system (here in Portland) had on order. So I should be able to read it soon.

  4. My copy (#25!) just showed up in the mail, and I am having a VERY hard time focusing on work as a result. If my boss yells at me for taking too many “breaks” today, Mr. Scalzi, will you write me an excuse?

  5. As with the other Dispatcher books, I bought the audiobook, and then ordered the SubPress numbered edition, which for the first two books came with the ebook. I was surprised to discover that the ebook did not come with this third book. Why the change, if I may ask?

  6. It came yesterday as an automatic order on Kindle. I stopped reading the new Kate Elliott and read in in one sitting last night (and into this morning until about 3am). A+ as always

  7. Is there any plan for the ebooks to be made available to libraries via Overdrive? I can’t get any of the Dispatcher ebooks and I would love to be able to purchase them for my collection!

  8. Because I have to at least ask: any chance of a regular print version for those of us who can’t use ebooks (sensory issues) and don’t have a spare $150 to get a limited-edition hardcover sent halfway around the world?

    Alternatively, anyone got any tips on printing an ebook in a book-like format?

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