New Music From Me: “Just Here For the Bassline”

Krissy and Athena are away for the weekend, and between eating donuts and pestering the animals, I played around with my digital audio workstation and came out with something with a pretty killer bassline, with a bunch of other bleepy and bloopy stuff around it. It’s kind of if a New Order bassline and a drum machine met up with Erasure’s synth tech doing a bunch of riffs on a Casio during sound check. If that’s your thing, here’s exactly three minutes of glory. If it’s not, uhhhh, maybe skip this one, I guess.

— JS

12 Comments on “New Music From Me: “Just Here For the Bassline””

  1. I like it. The only negative for me was that it just sort of…ends. But I have a playlist of “Running Songs” that I use when training and it has a lot of energetic, upbeat stuff – lots of Jean-Michel Jarre, Oingo Boingo, some country stuff, Supertramp, Yello, Communards, etc. This would fit right in there.

  2. I like it too. Maybe for the ending you could run it up an octave in some kind of scale with a hi-hat on the end? Not sure it needs more accordion or cowbell. :)

  3. C major again? I could be wrong, I don’t have perfect pitch, but I think so. Maybe try a key change in the second part?

    I like it. And it does sound almost chip tune, or as you said Casio.

  4. I WOULD recycle that bassline at some point, sir! Because it’s pretty nifty!

    But the bleeps and blobs around it sound like I just reached a new level on a Mario game on a very vintage console…

    That bassline deserves a better song! And you’ve DONE better songs!

  5. I love it! It had me jamming in my recliner, doing what I call chair dancing.

    I’m pretty disabled and can no longer dance, so dancing whilst seated is the best I can do. I tried the usual dancing before my MI last year, and I managed about ten seconds. The saga of my hospitalization and my nursing home stay is chronicled in my Dreamwidth.

    Your music caught Monroe the Super Kitten’s attention. He listened for a bit with his ears cocked, then went back on the catio to pester Achilles.

  6. I’ll put that on when I clean the kitchen. My gut reaction is that it will make it enjoyable.

  7. Query: what is license? Is this something I could include as background in a CC share-alike non-commercial work?

  8. It’s fun to pretend we are musicians, isn’t it? And the electronics that exist today make us almost believe it. Enjoy your toys!

  9. Is it wrong that I hear this and my first thought was: “Music to accompany eating a burrito full of donuts”?
    (I liked it.)