Quick Update on the Researcher Gig

Which is: I’m still sorting through applicants. There are a lot of you, folks, and you are all so good. I’ll have a final decision by the end of this week. Thanks for your patience, there’s only one of me doing the selection.

— JS

3 Comments on “Quick Update on the Researcher Gig”

  1. See, what you need to do is hire someone to go through the applicants for you. Though you may then need to hire someone to sort through the applications to sort the applications. No, sorry, it’s applications all the way down…

  2. Dang it Barbara! I came here to say something similar.

    Ooh! I know! Hand all of the applications to one of the new Chat bots and prompt it to select the best applicant. I foresee that nothing could possibly go wrong with this.

  3. Kudos for being a good potential employer by being open about the process. Not just another black box sucking up resumes and emitting nothing.

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