Daily Archives: May 5, 2023

Reader Request Week 2023 #8: The British Head of State

Just in time for tomorrow’s coronation, this question from Miles B: I’m British, and I’m curious what you (Americans in general, but obviously you in particular) make of the way we determine our head of state? For those of you who might be unclear about this, the head of state of the United Kingdom is […]

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Reader Request Week 2023 #7: Money Among the Generations

David Goldfarb asks: Something that occurred to me to wonder about, a while ago: as someone who grew up poor, how do you feel about your daughter’s attitude towards money? I’ve seen posts from her where she talks in a fairly casual way about spending what to me (also upper middle class! pretty close to […]

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The Big Idea: Jarrett Lerner

In A Work in Progress, author Jarrett Lerner’s character is wrestling with a monster of a problem. It’s the same problem that Lerner himself had to wrestle with in his time — a monster of a problem that is, alas, all too common. JARRETT LERNER: I’ve always loved monster stories. I can’t remember a specific […]

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