I and Michi Trota Talk About Writing and Life and Stuff

And specifically about The Kaiju Preservation Society, at the American Writers Festival last year. It’s an hour long! We cover a lot of ground! Enjoy!

— JS

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  1. I apologize to all sci fi writers on behalf of the fun sucking MIT hecklers, I promise we are not all like that 😂 though it’s definitely a smart ‘hack’ to leave the technical details mostly as an exercise for the reader, it’s something scientists do in proposal writing too, you don’t want to give away too many details on what you’re saying you’re going to do because that just gives them more opportunities to figure out why your idea has holes and won’t work (review panels always have these fun sucking hecklers).

    I appreciated your perspective of writing your worlds the way you think the world ought to be (I mean maybe not the 30 ft spiders part, but the inclusivity and representation part). I’ll have to move Kaiju up in my reading list queue.

    Also I did not realize video games could win Hugos, and that Hades won one, that’s awesome!

    And if Michi is accepting friend applications I want to send one in, she seems amazing 😌

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