An Appropriate Cover: “With Or Without You”

Fun fact: Bono, the lead singer of U2, has the same birthday as me: Today, May 10. So I thought it might be fun to essay one of his band’s more famous songs. It’s not going to replace the original, to be sure, but I enjoyed putting it together. Additionally, a thing I learned today: Singing like Bono is hard. But I understand even he has problems with it sometimes. I can sympathize. Happy birthday to us both, and enjoy.

— JS

13 Comments on “An Appropriate Cover: “With Or Without You””

  1. I like Wally Ingram’s assessment. I kept waiting for the vocals volume to increase, but aside from that, I gotta say I’m impressed.

  2. Nicely done! Pays homage to the original while creating something new and original with it. My favorite kind of cover.

  3. One of the few songs Bono sings entirely at the top of his vocal range. Very difficult to do for anyone, even one of greatest vocalists ever to grip a microphone.

    And happy birthday. I’m close by, turning 67 on June 1st. My oldest son turns 34 tomorrow. Hell, happy birthday everyone!

  4. Have you listened to U2’s latest, Songs of Surrender ? It’s interesting, and mostly good.

  5. Loved it! Vocals needed to be a louder, don’t try to hide them ;) they were very good!

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