Pre-Order a Signed and Personalized Copy of Starter Villain Through Subterranean Press

Yup, I’m teaming up with Subterranean Press once more to do the thing where, if you pre-order the latest novel (in this case, Starter Villain) through them, I will drive up to their warehouse and not only sign your book, but personalize it, to you or whomever you like. Pretty nifty! And yes, pretty sure they’ll ship wherever you like, as long as you’re willing to pay for the shipping. Check with them to be sure.

Here’s the link to get in your pre-order and to give them all the details for the personalization. There will be a cap on the number of books I will sign and they will ship, so be sure to order quickly so as not to miss out.

— JS

11 Comments on “Pre-Order a Signed and Personalized Copy of Starter Villain Through Subterranean Press”

  1. I think Subterranean Press needs to fix their website. I tried to place an order but got “payment declined” with two different credit cards that I know to be valid.

  2. Matthew: If you haven’t already tried this, turn off any ad or script blockers. I’ve had those interfere with payment processing in the past; I can’t recall if I ever had that problem with Subterranean specifically.

  3. Matthew D Healy:

    They’ve already processed hundreds of pre-orders for the book, so I suspect the problem might be on your end. Nevertheless, email them and they’ll probably be able to get you sorted.

  4. Do you have any tour information available yet for this book? Related: any chance you’ll be coming through Houston? I am willing to order through SP but would prefer to get one in person at my local indie if you’re doing an event out this way.

  5. Ordered mine last week. A niece shares my initials so one inscription can serve two readers.

  6. Ordered! There’s my sibling’s holiday gift sorted, and before the end of May, too! My spouse took care of ordering a copy for us already, so you get two sales from the Snuggledorf household.

  7. Just ordered one with an inscription to my teen.

    FWIW, Scalzi books seem to be the only books he’s willing to read since we facilitated his downfall by getting him a phone.

  8. Darke County, OH is a 4 hour drive to Burton, MI (Subterranean Press HQ). A long drive! I think I’ll take advantage of your offer….

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