I’m Giving Away a Starter Villain ARC! You Could Win It! Yes, YOU!!

They just arrived! And this one, modelled here with Spice, is the one I’m giving away!

Here’s all you have to do: I asked Krissy to think of a number between 0 and 1000, and her friend Karen heard the number as she said it. Guess the number in the comment thread here.

That’s it!

And now, rules:

1. Only one guess per person. Additional guesses, whether in the same comment or in subsequent comments, will be disqualified. Also, comments for this thread are only for numerical guesses; every other sort of comment will be removed. Only guesses in the comment thread for this post will be considered.

2. When you leave your comment, put an email in the comment form that I will be able to contact you at (in the part of the form that says “email,” not in the body of the comment itself, unless you want everyone to see your email address). If you don’t leave a viable email, I won’t be able to contact you to get a shipping address.

3. If more than one person correctly guesses the number, I will ask Alexa or Google Assistant to randomly pick a number in the field of how many people correctly guessed, and then go chronologically among the guessers until I hit that number. That person will win the ARC.

4. If no one correctly guesses the number, then I will pick the next closest number up from the correct number as the winner. If there are multiple people who have guessed that number, I’ll proceed per point three above.

5. This is open to anyone worldwide; yes, I’ll pay shipping for whatever country you’re in (note: If you’re in Russia at the moment I can’t guarantee arrival; I’m guessing shipping to there is weird and may not even be possible).

6. If you like I will sign and/or personalize the ARC.

7. Contest is open for the 48 hours after I publish this post, after which time the comment thread will automatically close. If you miss that window, sorry!

8. I’ll announce the winner after I’ve contacted them via email about their shipping address. So, probably early next week.

There you have it, good luck!

— JS

2134 Comments on “I’m Giving Away a Starter Villain ARC! You Could Win It! Yes, YOU!!”

  1. I guess 12 as that is the number of paws at the house where the book would live.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. 966

    Please, please, please be my number!! (Okay if it’s not my number I’ll buy an audio version, actually I’ll buy it regardless but what fun to get an ARC!!)

  3. I’m gonna guess 666 as she was inspired by hearing about your latest burrito

  4. 619

    Do I get bonus points for having my own super villain ploys?
    I have two.
    Not telling you here, too many prying eyes.

  5. 746

    Shipping to Russia from the USA is not possible right now, though Russia to the USA works fine. USA/Ukraine works both ways, albeit slowly.

    (I’m not in Russia or Ukraine at the moment. I just have recent experience with this.)

  6. Hmm. I’m logged into WordPress.com, but Scalzi.com doesn’t seem to believe that my account exists. Weird; that’s a new one.

    I’m going to guess 354.

  7. 666

    I hope someone who can’t afford books wins. What doors will be opened for them.

    PS: Thank you for using a serif font in your blog. It makes it easier to read with my vision problems.

  8. Please ignore other guess fumble fingered and made a number that doesn’t qualify

  9. I’m guessing …

    The 300

    … because it’s what Herodotus would have wanted. Looking forward to STARTER VILLAIN!

    Also, if you ever need a beta reader, drop me a line.


  10. It is hard to tell if someone has already guessed, but I’ll put a guess at 690. Fingers crossed!