Tina Turner, RIP

Like many a young white teen in the 80s, this is the song that acquainted me with Tina Turner; prior to that I knew she existed, but I couldn’t have told you anything that she had done or why she was important in the realm of popular music. This lack of knowledge, I am happy to say, did not last, and in time I dug into her discography backwards and forwards. It was a rewarding experience.

Nothing I could write here could do justice to her life or her work, so I will simply say that she was, as her own song would say, simply the best. I’m glad I lived in a time with her. I’ll be listening to her for some time to come.

— JS

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  1. I feel the same way about her music and your writing. I am lucky to live in this time. All I would ask is for more of it.

  2. It really made today a real sucky day twice over because of other news. I think my introduction to her was as Gypsy, the Acid Queen in the movie musical Tommy. Incredible performance.

  3. My intro to her was River Deep – Mountain High, followed by Proud Mary (yes, I’m that old). Rest in power, Ms. Turner.

  4. I was a troubled teen without knowing that I was a troubled teen.

    Tina Turner was tge woman I took as a role model, trying to achieve to be like her.

    I grew out of it, I’m nothing like myself – but she was part of turning my life in a better direction.

    I will be grateful for the rest of my life for this gift she gave by just being herself.

  5. Chalk up one more for her performance in the movie Tommy. That was the first time I was more than just aware of her. Though of course I would have seen her on variety shows like Sonny & Cher.

  6. She had a long and fruitful career, but still feels like she was taken from us too soon.

  7. You owe yourself a listen to ‘Ode To Tina Turner’ by Tony Jow White – who also wrote her hit ‘Steamy Windows’.

  8. Nicely said, sir. I first remember her for Proud Mary. Knowing she got out of a horribly abusive marriage helped me get out of my abusive one. I loved her music.

    I am comforted by the fact she’s at peace and no longer suffering from her illness (cancer, IIRC). Death isn’t always the enemy. I’ll miss her and her work. May her family, friends, and fans be comforted.

    My screen is on the fritz as it got blurry.

  9. Being all of five months older than you, I too was largely introduced to Tina Turner via the “Private Dancer” album and its various hits and videos.

    RIP, Auntie Entity.

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