Balticon Bound

John Scalzi

Away from the computer for most of the day because Krissy and I are headed to Balticon, where, among the many other things I will do, I will be picking up the Robert A. Heinlein Award, which I am pretty jazzed about, I have to say. I’ll also be doing a reading, a signing, and several panels. It’ll be fun! If you’re in or around the Baltimore area this weekend and are looking for something to do, it’s not to late to register at the convention. See you there.

Krissy and I are actually driving to Balticon because once we looked at our flight options out of Dayton, we realized that the amount of time we’d spend traveling by plane (including travel to airports and time between flights) would be nearly exactly the same as driving by car, and this way, at the end of it, we wouldn’t have to pick up a car rental. So that was nice. It does mean we’ll be on the road a while. Good news is, Krissy and I are good at making conversation with each other.

I’ll probably pop in a couple of times over the weekend, but just in case I don’t: Happy Memorial Day Weekend, y’all. Enjoy your long weekend.

— JS

17 Comments on “Balticon Bound”

  1. Congratulations on the Heinlein Award. I will be at Balticon, though most of the time I’ll be running my used book tables in the Dealers Room – Bayside Books. Hope to see you there!

  2. To quote from Spider Robinson, RAH, RAH, R.A.H.! You definitely carry his banner but with a 21st-century sensibility! Go Scalzi!

  3. See you there! (Quite literally, as we’re on some panels together. :) ) Mother Nature has rolled out a fairly nice Friday & Saturday for you.

  4. Hope you have nice driving weather over whichever set of mountains you have to traverse!

    I myself prefer the Pa. Turnpike, as compared to I-68 through West Virginia, but that’s mostly a case of the devil you know best.

  5. Save journey, John. Also, well earned for the Heinlein Award. Stuff yourself with the local cuisine. There is no such thing as too many crab cakes. And while you’re a little south of Philly, I hear you can still get a decent stake sandwich there. And don’t forget the kosher garlic pickles. Gods I miss those. Have fun storming the castle!

  6. I liked the PA Turnpike but I haven’t taken it in a while. I had heard that it had gotten substantially more expensive and even more so if you don’t have EZ-Pass.

  7. Happy for you in receiving the Heinlein Award. Gosh, he with his science fiction for us younger “fans to be” just pulled me in and never let go. Add in Clarke, Asimov, etc… and I had found my place.

    You fit in with these greats, so again congratulations.

  8. Looking forward to possibly encountering you! And if you and Krissy need breakfast recommendations, Miss Shirley’s ( is a few blocks from the hotel and good eating despite the lack of burritos on the menu.

  9. Congratulations! On both the Robert A. Heinlein Award and getting to spend 8 hours in a car talking to Krissy.

  10. Waiting for your arrival, having left Virginia earlier today after a visit to see our first grandchild. Looking forward to the reading, but why did they put you and the other GOH, Adam Stemple, at the same signing? Which line do I get into first?

  11. Congratulations John.

    Now here’s a ‘general’ question – why is there no ‘Poul Anderson Award’?

  12. If you go through Breezewood, you get the joy of visiting one of the only stoplights on the interstate: since no one wanted to pay for the on-ramp to I70 from the turnpike, you’re required to get off the turnpike, drive a mile through town, then get on I70.

    Whenever we’re forced to drive it, I insist we gas up and eat well beforehand. There’s lots of gas stations and novelty stores in that 1 mile stretch, but I can’t bring myself to pay Breezewood for the amount of pain they add to my drive.