And Now, The Scalzi Family Foundation Logo

The Scalzi Family Foundation has begun its philanthropical mission (beginning with sponsoring the 2023 Gen Con Writers’ Symposium), and so it behooved us to have an official logo. I commissioned artist Natalie Metzger to create one, and she came up with something I really liked. It’s welcoming, features elements that go well with the people involved (cats, stars, whimsy) and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fun and it’s here to do a little bit of good in the world.

Plus, in addition to the “warm” version above, we have a “cool” version as well, depending on use circumstance, because it’s nice to have options:

And of course a black and white option as well:

This is all good stuff, and I thank Natalie for doing such a fabulous job with it. You’ll see the logo in action soon!

— JS

28 Comments on “And Now, The Scalzi Family Foundation Logo”

  1. Is that Ghlaghghee? When she was young and less dignified? Or some other absolutely beautiful kitty.

  2. OMG. That is really cute thing to see after a hard long day I’ve had today. Cheered me up!

  3. I like it! I just don’t get the three dots on the ring. Are those planets orbiting around the cat? :-)

  4. I love it! Except…

    “I just don’t get the three dots on the ring.”

    Same here. If those are supposed to be planets (my best guess), then I’d suggest giving them light and dark sides, with a curved terminator that would make it obvious that they’re three-dimensional objects.

    As it stands, I think some people are going to be scratching their heads over those three big black dots… and a successful logo should above all be understandable at a glance.

  5. Having successfully taped bacon to a cat, I suggest Scalzi brand bacon, so you can stick your cat logo on it.
    Also, nice logo design – would go well on an enamel pin, making a really cool giveaway for signing events etc

  6. Love it! A logo that leaves the viewer smiling just like the cat.

    I presumed the three “dots” represented the three Scalzis, orbiting the stand-in for all of the cats that have owned you over the years.

  7. It might be a stretch, but I look forward to seeing the Scalzi Family Foundation supporting appropriate shows on PBS/NPR, rather than various big advertisers who use their soapbox for advertising.

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