A Window to the World

John Scalzi

June 1st is Replace All the Windows Day, in which all our creaky and balky nearly 30-year-old windows are being pulled out and new, much more insulating, efficient and quiet windows are being put in. Here you can see that Charlie is deeply curious as to why there’s a hole in the wall where a window used to be. Don’t get used to it, Charlie.

In fact, as of me typing this up, that new window is already in place; the fellow installing the windows is pretty speedy. It’s like he’s done this before, a lot. With luck they will all be installed today, but we have tomorrow budgeted for any stragglers. After which (knock lightly on glass) we won’t have to think about windows again for several decades. Which is good, because I don’t know if you know, but new windows aren’t exactly cheap. I’ll be happy not to think about that again, I can tell you.

Anyway! Welcome to June, friends.

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  1. Our house is about 3200 square feet. After only about 6 years ALL the windows (why yes, the builder did install the shittiest possible windows, thanks) started to fail so we decided to replace them.

    Imagine our shock when we learned that our house also has approximately 3200 square feet of windows.

    Could have bought a very nice car for what we paid…

  2. Yeah, windows are insanely expensive. I guess you’ll just have to keep your guitar craving in check for a while.

    Also, my daughter demands war crime burritos!

  3. Although it takes years to make up for it, the massively lower heating / cooling bills take a lot of the sting out of it.

  4. Ah, yes. We bought a 40s-era ranch house in need of renovation last year. Job one was replacing the windows. Ouch.

  5. I think my windows are original but I just can’t see spending the money on replacing them, though it would be nice. I put the money into a new roof and upgraded the insulation a few years ago.

    I bet Charlie was first thinking, “this is an upgrade I can get behind. All these doggy doors, great job mom and dad!” ;-)

    Ah well, life is just a series of choices. Enjoy the new windows.

  6. Hope everything goes well. My Replace All The Windows Day is coming this fall. And yeah, that’s really going to hurt the savings account.

  7. Congratulations. My house is 100 years old; I spent quite a few years working on the 100 year old windows, well worth it, in terms of ease of operation and tightness of fit. The approximately 50 year old aluminum storm windows are holding up OK, but I wish I had the wooden ones instead. On the other hand, I don’t need to locate a non-existant handyman every spring and fall to change them out, either.

  8. Having just replaced our windows a few months ago, I can attest to the truth of the “not cheap” part. But our installers were also supremely competent.

  9. Glad you had good weather to go with all those holes in your outer walls. It’s off and on rain here.

  10. My house is 120 years old and only the second floor has windows younger than 120 years. Thankfully the house is only a little drafty…

  11. New windows are expensive, but can add so much to the quality of life in your home. Our condominium had windows dating from the 1970s when we bought it … they were thin, single-pane thickness, and without any of the improvements of modern windows. We all the windows replaced about two years after we moved in: the new windows are double-pan, IR reflection coated, have double safety locks and operated very smoothly, and seal properly. Absolutely worth the cost of replacement!

    Good luck with your window upgrade!


  12. I replaced the 13 primary windows in my house myself in the final two years before the pandemic (although we didn’t know it then) with the help of a good friend and his son. Saw an immediate savings in electricity during cooling season and natural gas during heating season. The windows were pricey but I saved a fortune installing them myself. I imagine they’re close to being paid for by now. Good investment for any homeowner!

  13. Charlie’s probably thinking
    ‘Finally… They wised up and opened the house to the great fresh outside with all its intriguing and exciting smells.
    Bonus… It makes it easy for me to make a dash to intercept all the lawn interlopers.’

  14. Congrats! You aren’t lying about the cost. We’re having our windows replaced next month and I’m pretty sure we could buy a house in some states for what we are paying for just the windows.

  15. @PRW – funny, although I’d go with Mac instead of Windows or Linux. Still funny comment.

  16. Meanwhile, I’d just like to share today’s headline from The Guardian.

    “Clumps of 5,000-mile seaweed blob bring flesh-eating bacteria to Florida”

    This seemed like the proper venue.

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