Fire Haze Sun, 6/7/23

Good day for photos. Bad day for breathing. Everyone be safe out there, especially you folks in Canada.

— JS

12 Comments on “Fire Haze Sun, 6/7/23”

  1. Great photo! Flashback to the 2015 Smokane Worldcon with the apocalyptic sky and warning signs on doors leading outside.

    Best wishes to everyone in eastern Canada and US going through it now.

  2. Scary. We haven’t seen much of that in SW MO yet, but I expect it soon.

  3. If you visit American city,
    You will find it very pretty.
    Just two things of which you must beware:
    Don’t drink the water and don’t breathe the air!
    —Pollution by Tom Lehrer. ©️1965
    NB: Lehrer put all his music in the public domain.

  4. If you need to go out, N95 masks filter out smoke particles are pretty effectively, if you still have any from The Covid Era.

  5. It’s not just Canada. Yesterday was almost post-Apocalyptic here in New York. The Air Quality Index (0-500) is considered Unhealthy at over 200 and HAZARDOUS at 300+. Yesterday we were at 413! You could see and smell and taste the air, which is not good.

  6. NOAA has predicted smoke or haze for me (in CT) from this, but all I’ve noticed is a really mild redness to the evening, which I’ve mostly interpreted as “something wrong with my glasses”.

  7. We have a family term for such atmospherics:
    “Welcome to Krypton.”

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