New Music: “Remnants of the Supernova”

John Scalzi

BE WARNED: This track starts with quite a clatter and then continues to clatter as it goes along; maybe turn it down a bit at first, especially if you’re listening with headphones. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

With that handled, I’m actually personally rather taken with this piece, which sounds both space-y and more than little gothy. It’s what I imagine cruising through the remnants of a supernova would be like: Turbulent, with moments of glittering prettiness. See if you don’t agree.

Also, as a bonus, and to show just how much instrumentation matters, below please find the rough draft of the piece, i.e., when I was noodling on the DAW with just the basic presets and drum machines. The information is the same — if you overlaid the rough draft on the final, the notes would be in the same place one-to-one — but the synths and drum machines have been swapped out and effects slathered on. There’s quite a difference between the two.

— JS

4 Comments on “New Music: “Remnants of the Supernova””

  1. I like how the layer in effects add a more full and ominous sound to the percussion. Overall it adds nice depth to the rough piece version.

  2. Again a cool piece. Pretty soon your music will be the soundtrack to my mundane household chores.

  3. So have you considered providing sound tracks to go with each of your novels from now on?

  4. Gives me strong video game vibes, not in a bad way! Infiltrating the science lab in Metroid is what goes through my brain.

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