New Music (Again!): “Ganymede Flyby”

Why, yes, I have been busy in my music basement this weekend.

For this one, I took NASA audio of a Juno flyby of the Jovian moon Ganymede, and used both the raw audio (“raw” here used advisedly, as the NASA audio is in itself processed), and loops created by making MIDI files from sections of the audio, and then running them through various synthesizers and effects, and then putting down a drum track and then running it through some effects as well. The result is long (eight+ minutes, I think my longest piece yet) and trance-y. Perfect for spacing out, if you will. Enjoy.

— JS

4 Comments on “New Music (Again!): “Ganymede Flyby””

  1. I’m always happy to hear the music you’re playing around with. (Well, 95% always. ;) ) This one was particularly up my alley. Got kind of a ’90s ambient-music/FAX-Records/processed-space-sounds-concept-album groove going on here.

  2. Thank you, John. I envy your artistic abilities in all it’s many forms! Please continue.

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