Coming in Exactly Two Weeks: “Slow Time Between the Stars” – Part of the “Far Reaches” Collection

John Scalzi

And just what is “Slow Time Between the Stars?” Well, it’s a short story I wrote as part of a collection that Amazon Stories is putting out called “Far Reaches.” My story will be joining stories by James SA Corey, Nnedi Okorafor, Rebecca Roanhorse, Veronica Roth and Ann Leckie, all with the (very) loose theme of travel to and among the stars. My own story involves an artificial intelligence — how timely! — who is tasked with a long-term mission by humanity. But unlike today’s “artificial intelligences,” this AI actually has a mind of its own, and its own plans for the task at hand.

It’s a pretty cool story and one that’s just a little bit different from the things I usually do, which made it fun for me. It’s always nice to play outside of one’s expected wheelhouse. I think you all will like it when you get a chance to read it, which, again, will be in exactly two weeks as of me typing this: June 27, 2023. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you again when it comes out. And so, you may be assured, will Amazon.

Now you are asking: How much will it cost to read this new story from me, and the stories of these other fine authors? Well, if you’re a subscriber to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited, the answer is: Nothing! They are included as part of your subscriptions, both in text and in audio.

If you are not either an Amazon Prime or a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can purchase each of the individual stories for $1.99 (or a similar amount in whatever country you live). Here’s the link to “Slow Time’s” US Amazon page — you can pre-order there if you like. But remember, if you have Amazon Prime or Kindle United, it’s free for you. I would hate to have you pay for something you can get for no additional cost.

So: Two weeks! And here you thought you wouldn’t have any new fiction from me until September. Surprise!

— JS

10 Comments on “Coming in Exactly Two Weeks: “Slow Time Between the Stars” – Part of the “Far Reaches” Collection”

  1. Aren’t collections usually in a collected format? It seems weird to me to have al of these as stand alone. Maybe short format is what’s popular now.

  2. I think maybe you meant Audible (owned by Amazon) rather than Amazon Prime? It’s $2 for the short story on Amazon and I’m a Prime member. Kindle only, no ePub version.

  3. Neal — Amazon likes to do these as individual items in a “collection”; they’ve done lots of them.

    John — IME, you can’t pre-order something for Prime Reading or KU. Check back when it’s published.

  4. @ John Gordon.
    I found that confusing as well.

    When I search under – Amazon prime free e-books “Far Reaches” – what comes up are Kindle Unlimited offers and $2 Kindle books, and not just for the pre-release entries.

  5. Is Amazon going to actually collect the collection into a single print volume? ‘Cause I’d buy that…

  6. @john gordon I see it offered for free with Kindle Unlimited or $1.99 to purchase

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