View From a Hotel Window, 6/30/23: Norman, OK

John Scalzi

It’s got a parking lot and an airport! Truly, a magnificent view from a hotel window.

I will say that getting here was an adventure — My first plane left the gate and sat on the tarmac for close to an hour, blowing past any possibility of getting to my connecting flight, and then went back to the gate. I ended up arriving at my destination roughly nine and a half hours later than originally scheduled, but, hey, I did get here, so I have that going for me, which is nice.

I am here for Soonercon and my schedule starts at noon. I am frequently at a table signing, so please do come and bring something to be signed! Elsewise I am doing Q&As about writing and about me, am on some panels and am also doing a reading. I’ll be here all weekend so come say hello.

— JS

11 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 6/30/23: Norman, OK”

  1. I wouldn’t mind the airport view because I’m an airplane nut…

    Safe travels!

  2. Whenever I hear a story about trouble getting to a gig, all I can think is “at least you didn’t have to fly with Eric the Pilot”. (A Henry Rollins spoken word album, worth spending an hour listening to when you get the chance.)

  3. Not to spoil, but i got the impression from the movie that Norman was definitely not OK …

  4. Hmmm. As a fellow seasoned traveler, I’m gonna guess the Embassy Suites, east facing room, floor 4or 5…😎. Breakfast is pretty good..

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