Happy July 4th

I’d write more but my internet service provider chose a national holiday to have an access incident, and my ability to be online today is intermittent at best. Hopefully you’re enjoying the day away from the Internet anyway. See you tomorrow —

— JS

7 Comments on “Happy July 4th”

  1. Our provider has been up and down and twice in one week we had power outages. One due to a huge tree one our tiny private road being struck by lightning. It fell across the road and block it. We didn’t even know until we tried to leave. My husband would have helped with cutting the tree up but the brothers who own the road – well, one is nice, one is a curmudgeon.
    Then someone decided to hit a pole and take out the electricity a week later. As Red Foreman would say – Morons.

  2. I enjoyed the day away from the innerwebs with my sister and nibling, eating potato salad and taboule and a patriotic dessert, as well as the traditional lame legal fireworks in broad daylight. Traditions upheld!

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