New Books and ARCs, 7/7/23

July is sultry, which makes it a fine time to cool off with a fine read. What in this lovely stack of new books and ARCs is your favored read on a summer eve? Share in the comments!

— JS

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  1. The book on the bottom, Forge of Darkness, threw me for a moment…it’s been out for a long time. Then I realized it was a Subterranean Press reprint, looked it up, and realized I am very jealous of you right now. Some of the interior artwork they posted on the website is gorgeous.

    Steven Erikson is probably my favorite fantasy author, and I’ve loved everything he’s written.

  2. Huh, coincidentally I just last month read another Tom Reamy collection — “San Diego Lightfoot Sue and other stories”. He’s great and I hope more people find out about his work. (I read his story “The Detweiler Boy” in F&SF a few years after it came out and recent-ishly there was a podcast verson of it that I listened to.)

  3. oooh, Rose/House by Arkady Martine 😍 I read (and very much enjoyed) the ebook version, but would love to have a print copy!

  4. The review a couple days ago of The Black Scorpions piqued my curiosity. I have an old paperback copy of San Diego Lightfoot Sue; Tom Reamy is underrated.

  5. I just read a synopsis of I Thought You Loved Me and it sounds like it is really interesting. Especially the part of Mari working in the video gaming industry. raises eyebrows I’d be interested because it sounds like a book that deals with interesting issues.

  6. Yup, the Chuck Tingle for sure, the Josiah Bancroft definitely, and probably also Arkady Martine. Some great stuff in this pile! Happy reading, everyone.

  7. I’m reading the Tom Reamy collection now, it’s really good. Another great artist taken too soon.

    Don’t miss his book /Blind Voices/. Reminded me a lot of Ray Bradbury’s /Something Wicked This Way Comes/. They both absolutely nailed small town America, and terror.

  8. the Tom Reamy for sure – I got an email about it, and would love to read a collection of his short fiction, but while Subterranean publishes very nice books, the price point is out of my range at the moment…

  9. I found out, to my joy, that the Kindle version of the Reamy collection is very reasonably priced – it’s in my queue now to be read very soon.

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