Extended Preview of Starter Villain Out Now

Wanna read the first three chapters of my upcoming novel totally for free? Go to your favorite online bookseller and look for “Starter Villain Sneak Peek” and you’ll be on your way. You’re welcome!

(PS: Possibly US/Can markets only because it’s Tor US doing it, but I haven’t checked other country sites, so…)

— JS

9 Comments on “Extended Preview of Starter Villain Out Now”

  1. Doesn’t look like the “sneak peek” is in the UK yet, at least not on Amazon. The full novel’s there on Kindle, but it has a totally different cover design from the cat wearing a suit.

  2. It’s hard enough waiting for it to come out. Waiting for it to come out after having read three chapters? I’ll pass. The moment it lands in my reader I’ll be on it.

  3. Noluck finding the sneak peak at Barnes and Noble,but they do let mepreorder the ebook. Done.

  4. If the last sentence is “Then she let herself out before I could say anything else.”, it worked here.

  5. Thank you! Have to wait for payday to order, but blast, an early Scalzi fix is wonderful.
    Rereading your books always lifts my mood. Your ideas and your “voice” always hit the spot. Thanks again.

  6. I was amused when the cat names came in the picture. Nice little nod to those of us who follow your escapades here and in social media. :)

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