I Bought Ten Flavors Of Pretzels, Now I’m Gonna Rank Them

You read that right, folks, I’ve got ten different flavors of pretzels and I’m here to put these bad boys in order.

Eleven canisters containing pretzels lined up on a table. The canisters are red, orange, and brown cylinders with red tops that say

Athena ScalziFirst things first, let’s talk about the brand of these pretzels. I got them from pretzels.com. Yep, just good ol’ pretzels.com.

I started getting ads on Instagram for pretzels.com several months ago, but I didn’t click on them because I can’t say I was hugely in the market for pretzels, and also it sounded kind of fake. It seemed sketchy, so I never gave it much attention, and yet I consistently got ads for them for months on end. Finally, I got one last week that promoted their “salted honey butter” flavor, and I immediately thought of my favorite chips in the world which are honey butter flavored, and I decided to check it out.

I was surprised to see how nice looking and easy to navigate their website was, and I checked out the “all flavors” tab. They have thirty one different flavors of pretzels. THIRTY ONE! I figured I would grab a couple, because if you’re going to try out a pretzel brand you have to try a variety, right? Well, a few turned into ten, and in buying ten I got free shipping and a 25 dollar gift card to use on my next purchase. Not too shabby!

Three days later, the pretzels arrived, and I tried all the flavors in one sitting because I’m a maniac.

In last place, we have the Apple Strudel. I had high hopes for this one, but it was just too plain. It mostly just tasted like pretzel. Was the pretzel still buttery and crunchy? For sure, but it was just lacking in the flavor department. There was only a whisper of apple strudel to be found. Underwhelming, especially when compared to how flavorful all the other flavors are.

In ninth, we’ve got the Bacon Bourbon Jam. This sounded like an amazing pretzel flavor, but it was honestly pretty mid. It was too much, almost overwhelmingly smoky and spicy. It didn’t seem very balanced. Needed some water with these ones.

In eighth, Cheddar. I know, I know, it’s a classic, iconic flavor. Which is why it’s a little disappointing this flavor didn’t perform better. It wasn’t bad at all, but it certainly didn’t knock my socks off. It was very standard, a little too much on the artificial side of the cheese flavoring line. Overall fine, not the best of the cheesy gang, though.

Following the Cheddar, we’ve got Garlic Parm. It’s garlicky, it’s parmy, and it packs a punch. It’s very strong, but pretty good! Still not the best of the cheesy gang, but a good contender, especially if you like a stronger garlic flavor.

Ending the cheesy gang, we’ve got Smoked Gouda. I might be biased because I am a certified gouda-lover, especially when smoked, but these are some pretty good pretzels. To me, the gouda flavor tastes much closer to the actual thing than the Cheddar ones do. You get just a hint of the smokiness, not overwhelming like the Bacon Bourbon ones.

Finally, we reach the top five. This is where it got difficult, as all the flavors I’m about to list are busting. These are all homeruns in my book, so figuring out which one is ever so slightly better than the previous one was really tough. But I did it, for you, my lovely readers.

The number five spot belongs to the Cinnamon Sugar Twist. It was hard to put this one in the last spot of the top five, but the next four are somehow even better than the deliciousness that is Cinnamon Sugar. It tastes like if you turned a freshly baked cinnamon roll into a pretzel. It’s magnificent in its sugary, warm cinnamon-y spicy amazingness.

Coming in fourth, we’ve got Sea Salted Caramel. Perfectly sweet, a touch of salty, wonderfully balanced, amazing through and through. Though I still prefer caramel popcorn.

Top three starting out with Homestyle Honey Mustard. Listen, when I go to the store and buy pretzels, I am always buying the honey mustard ones. Honey mustard pretzels are a top tier snack, arguably the best flavor of pretzels across the board. These are no exception, as they absolutely slap. They are tangy, pack a punch, and are sure to be a crowd pleaser. If I had to pick any of these pretzels to serve at a party, it’d be these ones.

In second place, we’ve got the flavor that started it all, Salted Honey Butter. Just read those words: salted, honey, butter. You know it’s about to be delicious. I could literally just lick the flavoring off these and be happy, that’s how good they are.

Finally, the best of the best, the show-stopping, most delicious pretzel you’ll ever have probably in your whole life, the Honey Maple. So sweet, so amazing, you simply gotta try them. I shan’t speak any more of how good they are, just know they got number one for a reason.

Now that I know that pretzels.com is legit and actually pretty awesome, I’m definitely going to use the 25 dollar gift card they gave me to get even more flavors. I think I’d like to try the Grilled Cheese N’ Tomato Soup, the Beer Cheese, and the Sour Cream & Onion.

Which flavor sounded the best to you? Have you ever heard of pretzels.com before? Let me know in the comments, and have a great day!



20 Comments on “I Bought Ten Flavors Of Pretzels, Now I’m Gonna Rank Them”

  1. I know about Pretzel.com through their sister company Licorice.com which sells licorice from Europe and Australia. While I haven’t tried the pretzels yet, I now have an addiction to Licorice Root Pillows, which are hard to come by as they sell out of it, and my other favorite black licorice flavors from Finland.

    I got so desperate for the Finnish black licorice that I got the red and black licorice mix, and not only do the Finnish make the best black licorice, in my opinion, but their red tastes like real just picked ripe strawberries.

    Sadly, I am out and will have to wait until September to order more.

  2. I just noticed that the email below my notification for this post is from Licorice.com with an assortment offer. My bank account says I must resist ordering more at this time.

  3. So, now I want some of these, but I’m on vacation so I can’t order them today and next week, I’ll forget.

  4. Never saw pretzels com but if there were a post that made me want to look a site up, it was yours. I hope you get affiliate status for that review, because it was way better than the review I saw of lutefisk.com

  5. I didn’t even know I was in the market for specialty pretzels until this post. Sad to hear that the cheese pretzels didn’t live up to hopes, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying the beer cheese or several of these other varieties you’ve mentioned. Darn it, now I’m hungry.

  6. I hate to say it, but I am disappointed in your review. No photos of the pretzels themselves?! Are they sticks (if so, the follow-up of what size), or twists, or stuffed? Is the flavor a coating or what?

    C’mon, girl! Your other reviews always included pix, and not just of the packaging! Also, how many pretzels in a container?

  7. I always enjoy (and am often swayed by) your food reviews. But what I want to know is, would they appeal to someone who was not particularly fond of pretzels. Also, what Wayne said about pictures, although that definitely comes under the heading of suggesting more work for someone not ME. :)

  8. Pretzel.com and licorice.com? Oh my. I learn so much from your postings and the comments!

    Thank you for your tasteful review. Pretzels are a favorite snack at my house. Please update us when you sample more. And how do these look? I missed your pictures.

    As always, great review of an intriguing food. I appreciate it!
    And am now heading off to check out the two websites.

  9. No Ranch flavor? How dare they.

    I do a kind of Chex Mix for the Holidays. I just use pretzels and Cheez-its, tossed in butter and ranch seasoning, then baked for a bit.

    Too bad folk I know now expects it, I am loath to give it away.

  10. It was like 3 weeks ago that Licorice.com appeared in adverts I see and Pretzels.com showed up just last week. The Grilled Cheese N’ Tomato Soup sounds very good. If I try them out I’ll probably end up with all the cheese flavored options. I appreciate your trying new things and sharing.

  11. I’ve had a couple of their flavors, and the Honey Butter was an absolute slapper of a flavor.

  12. I think grabbing at least one pack of standard pretzel flavor would be good for comparison.

  13. @Laura W, you won’t regret it! They’re seriously yummy.

    @Gregg Bender, you know I thought about mentioning Baskin Robins since they have the same amount of flavors!

    @Shawna j eddy kissell, that would definitely be cool!

    @CWilliams, I am also interested in trying the beer cheese!

    @Wayne, I actually didn’t feel the need to include photos in this particular post because if you go to the website it’ll show the pretzels, which are short braided sticks, and the only size they offer on their website is a half pound tube. I understand the grievance, though!

    @Granny Roberta, I think even if you’re not the biggest fan of pretzels you would still enjoy some of their flavors. I know I myself am not a big fan of pretzels if they’re plain, but flavored ones like these are good in my opinion.

    @Jayne, thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed.

    @chachal, they really are!

    @CB McGuire, thanks! I hope you like the flavors you end up getting!

    @Nick, SO GOOD!

    @Pam Adams, unfortunately this brand didn’t offer a plain pretzel! They seem to only have flavored ones. But I agree with your idea!

  14. I gotta say, I’m not one to boldly where no foodie has gone before, so I appreciate your willingness to do so. That said, I assume these are crispy pretzels and not soft?

  15. @Lif Strand Yeah, these are hard pretzels. Think like Snyder’s of Hanover and the like.

  16. I also expected pictures since you usually take some. As a German, the kinds of American pretzels are interesting to see.

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