Win An ARC Of Starter Villain, Part II: The Winnening!

Oh no! Spice the cat is being menaced by an advance reading copy of Starter Villain! Who will come to her rescue? Why, you, of course — by entering this contest to win this ARC, and thus sending it away from Spice, and off to your home. What mischief will it get up to in your house? Not my problem! The point is, it’ll be away.

How can you win this copy? Simple: I have had Krissy think of a number between 1 and 1000 (inclusive). Guess the correct number in the comment thread here, and the ARC is yours.

Now, as ever: The rules!

1. Only one guess per person. Additional guesses, whether in the same comment or in subsequent comments, will be disqualified. Also, comments for this thread are only for numerical guesses; every other sort of comment will be removed. Only guesses in the comment thread for this post will be considered.

2. When you leave your comment, put an email in the comment form that I will be able to contact you at (in the part of the form that says “email,” not in the body of the comment itself, unless you want everyone to see your email address). If you don’t leave a viable email, I won’t be able to contact you to get a shipping address.

3. If more than one person correctly guesses the number, I will ask Alexa or Google Assistant to randomly pick a number in the field of how many people correctly guessed, and then go chronologically among the guessers until I hit that number. That person will win the ARC.

4. If no one correctly guesses the number, then I will pick the next closest number up from the correct number as the winner. If there are multiple people who have guessed that number, I’ll proceed per point three above.

5. This is open to anyone worldwide; yes, I’ll pay shipping for whatever country you’re in (note: If you’re in Russia at the moment I can’t guarantee arrival; I’m guessing shipping to there is weird and may not even be possible).

6. If you like I will sign and/or personalize the ARC.

7. Contest is open for the 48 hours after I publish this post, after which time the comment thread will automatically close. If you miss that window, sorry!

8. I’ll announce the winner after I’ve contacted them via email about their shipping address. So, probably early next week.

There it is! Now, save Spice! Hurry!

— JS

1717 Comments on “Win An ARC Of Starter Villain, Part II: The Winnening!”

  1. I like my number….maybe I just don’t get this technology or have been educated about it. Pretty wild though. ,: )

  2. 1 (Seems to work from time to time on the Price is Right… but there are a few 2’s, but I’m confident they will wrong.)

  3. Ohh I have to save Spice from the evil ARC
    Guess is 272 (totally not because it’s apparently the page count for Starter Villian)

  4. 231

    I’d love to have it signed if I become the lucky one. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to play!

  5. Let’s have at it. Cry “Havoc” and let slip the dogs of war.
    I guess 667.

  6. I guess 83.

    Now to quickly make 99 or so other posts, using other email addresses….

    (Not really.)