An Addendum To My “Crafted & Cured” + “Speakeasy Miso” Posts

You may remember two posts of mine from earlier this year, both of which are part of my “Close To Home” series. One was over Crafted & Cured (a charcuterie restaurant) and the other featured a ramen shop called Speakeasy Miso. I’m here today to post important updates about both of these amazing restaurants!

The first time I visited Crafted & Cured, they had just opened in downtown Troy, and were serving ciders, beers, and wines to go along with their decked out charcuterie boards. I’m here to tell you they now have a beautiful Bourbon & Craft Cocktail bar!

The dark wood along with the lights under the bottles makes for an upscale presentation. Not to mention the waterfall feature gives an extra elegant feel to the whole thing.

Aside from how awesome it looks, they are serving up some seriously great drinks! My personal favorite so far has been the Strawberry Siesta:

Two tall glasses filled with a peachy colored liquid and ice, topped with a strawberry.

Plus, service at the bourbon bar was exceptional. The bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable, and they provide quick service.

The opening of this bourbon bar was highly anticipated by their regulars, and I’m glad it seems to be a hit so far. I intend to try more of their new drink menu the next time I go, and I definitely recommend checking them out (and be sure to check out their new Instagram account).

As for Speakeasy Miso, they have SO much new stuff to go over, so buckle in and get ready to see some seriously good eats.

When I went to Speakeasy Miso for the first time, it was during the week of their soft opening, which meant they had a limited menu of appetizers and drinks. I had some potstickers, dumplings, and a couple cocktails. While everything was good, I’m happy to say that they have expanded their menu with ramen, desserts, new appetizers, and even more drink options.

Starting with the star of the show, they’ve got several different types of ramen to choose from, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

I have not tried the vegan option yet, but I did get the vegetarian ramen, and here’s what it looked like:

A bowl of ramen that has a soft-boiled egg, arugula, cherry tomatoes, bok choy, and two potstickers on top.

This was so yummy! It’s a yuzu ramen, so it was super bright and fresh tasting. I didn’t feel at all like it was a lesser version of the non-vegetarian ramen, and I recommend it for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Although, I will say that my absolute favorite ramen of theirs is the Hakata Ramen:

A bowl of ramen topped with pork, a soft boiled egg, bok choy, seaweed, scallions, and bamboo.

This time it came with a fish cake, or a narutomaki!

A bowl of ramen with a creamy broth, topped with pork, scallions, a soft boiled egg, bok choy, bamboo, and a pink and white fish cake/narutomaki.

This ramen is made with a rich, creamy tonkotsu broth that I could honestly probably drink an entire gallon of. It’s so flavorful and delicious and I get the Hakata almost every single time. The pork is always so tender, and the eggs are perfectly jammy. I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it!

Before the ramen, though, you’ll want to grab one of their killer apps. These are usually the most subject to change with specials and whatnot.

Pepper crusted ahi tuna (it’s supposed to be served with a strawberry and Serrano pepper vinaigrette, but I’m weak to spice and asked for it without):

A small black plate with four pieces of pepper crusted ahi tuna on it. There's a prettily cut strawberry as a garnish, as well as a slice of radish.

I have only ever had ahi tuna once before trying this one, and it was in one of those ahi tuna rice bowls from Fusian (it’s like Subway but with sushi), and I can say with confidence that this ahi tuna blew the other one out of the water (no pun intended).

Salmon carpaccio with tarragon, cherry tomatoes, shallots, merlot bellavitano cheese, and pink peppercorns:

A long, rectangular white plate with six pieces of salmon carpaccio spaced evenly across it. Each piece is topped with tarragon, shallots, cherry tomatoes, etc.

I had never had salmon carpaccio before this, and I was worried I wouldn’t like it, but this was so good that my friend and I considered ordering a whole ‘nother round of it! The tarragon wasn’t overpowering, and the cheese was a strangely awesome addition. This was definitely one of my favorites of their special appetizers.

Tatsutaage (it’s gluten free fried chicken!):

A small black plate with a mound of small fried chicken pieces on top, accompanied by shredded purple cabbage and scallions.

When I say this was the best fried chicken I’ve ever had, I really mean this was THEE best fried chicken I’ve ever had. Chicken is usually my least favorite meat option but this is a totally different story. It’s perfectly crispy on the outside but still juicy on the inside. I see this chicken in my dreams.

And who doesn’t love bao buns?!

A circular white plate with two bao buns atop it. The bao buns are filled with saucy pork and a housemade slaw.

My GOODNESS were these buns the softest buns this side of the Mississippi. The slow roasted pork was tender and saucy, the housemade slaw added some great texture, and overall every bite was pure deliciousness. You need these buns in your life.

Don’t forget the stellar cocktails, like the Paloma:

A tall glass filled with pinkish liquid that ombres into clearer liquid at the top. There's a lime wedge on the rim.

The White Grape Vodka Spritz:

A stemmed glass filled with a yellowish liquid with a big lemon slice and ice in it.

A mule made with 21 Barrel’s ginger cider:

A short glass filled with liquid the color of iced tea. There's a lime wedge on the rim.

And quite possibly my favorite, the watermelon Paloma:

A short glass filled with bright pink liquid. There's a big slice of watermelon on the rim, along with a spicy salt.

Don’t forget dessert!

A matcha crème brûlée:

A circular white ramekin filled with perfectly torched creme brulee.

As you may or may not know, I have been on the hunt for years for the best crème brûlée, as it is my favorite dessert in the world. This one totally blew me away! It was so creamy and perfectly torched, and the matcha flavor wasn’t overpowering at all.

This one doesn’t exactly have a specific name, but it’s shortbread topped with caramel and chocolate mousse:

A long, rectangular white plate. It holds two long, rectangular pieces of shortbread that are topped with caramel and chocolate mousse.

Need I say more?!

As you can see, Speakeasy Miso is clearly worth a visit. Or two. Or you could become a regular like me (and check out their Instagram to keep up with the specials).

It’s so awesome to see places I love expanding, creating new things, becoming more popular, and all that good stuff. It’s also a great excuse for me to keep visiting them!

What kind of bourbon would you get at Crafted & Cured’s new bar? Which ramen would you like to try at Speakeasy Miso? Let me know in the comments, and have a great day!


13 Comments on “An Addendum To My “Crafted & Cured” + “Speakeasy Miso” Posts”

  1. I liked Crafted and Cured when it was on Wayne Ave in Dayton. Both of these places look interesting, thanks for the reviews.

  2. That second dessert made me think of an upscale version of a Twix bar. :)

    I’m not a big bourbon drinker, but I do love a well made classic Old Fashioned and a Mule made with whiskey or bourbon is always good.

  3. Both of these places look amazing! Makes me wish I didn’t live so far away (Western New York). Although, my son and I did recently travel six hours to Chardon to get to a Guy’s Pizza for one of their guyzones, so I guess it’s not out of the question…

  4. The unnamed chocolate shortbread dessert looks like an upscale Millionaire Shortbread. There are many recipes for the googling.

  5. Who doesn’t like bao buns?
    The only bao buns I ever tried were barely distinguishable from cotton wool.

  6. I just finished dinner, and I was still ravenous upon reading about these meals. You have a gift for description! I would absolutely want to try both the strawberry siesta and the watermelon Paloma, and then definitely the gluten free ramen option. I make an at-home gluten-free ramen which is pretty good, but I’d be curious to try more restaurant options. My area has very little crossover between gluten-free and ramen.

  7. I’m not going to lie– originally I started coming to the Scalzi blog for John’s sci-fi, but now the main reason I check it is for Athena’s food review posts. Even though I do not live anywhere near Ohio!

    (Also, idk if you like oregano, but Greece has Lay’s potato chips that are oregano flavored, and they are amazing, and I don’t know if you can get them over here in the US, but if you can find them you should definitely check it out.)

  8. @JW Kilcrease, thanks so much! :)

    @Peter Kilkelly, I never went to the Dayton location! I wonder how it compares.

    @Kara, Twix is one of my fav candy bars! This was so good.

    @Sharon Levine, rooaaaddd trippp!

    @cc, I love that dessert!

    @Hope, it definitely is pretty amazing!

    @Nikolay, I’m sorry I don’t think I get what you mean!

    @lazysubculturalgirl, aw thanks so much, I appreciate that! :)

    @Linguist, that makes me so happy! I do love oregano!

    @mintwitch, I better start warning people that my posts may induce cravings and hunger!

    @Derek, thank you! :D

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