Last Minute Reminder to Ohioans: Vote NO on Issue 1 Today

Update, 10:54pm: Issue 1 goes down in big damn flames. Hell yes, Ohio!

Why? You mean, aside from the fact that it was rushed onto the ballot in order to make sure that the uterus-bearing in Ohio have less control over their bodies than their local politicians, and that it was shoved into an August voting date that this same legislature actually voted out of existence specifically to ensure that the issue would have so little attention that only the rabid faithful would vote for Issue 1 and therefore it would pass, and that the very design of the issue is to make it impossible for basically any voter initiative to make it onto the ballot, much less pass, making sure that the wholly gerrymandered Ohio State Legislature, currently bought and paid for by special interests, never have to take the actual citizens they represent under consideration for anything they do ever again?

Then vote no because Issue 1 so bad that every former governor and secretary of state of Ohio is basically begging voters to show up and vote against it. That’s right! There’s a solid bipartisan consensus that Issue 1 is just terrible. And they’re right! Don’t just take it from me. Take it from both Republican and Democratic Ohio politicians who actually give a crap about Ohio voters and citizens.

So please, Ohioans, when you go to the polls today, vote No on Issue 1. Do it for you, and your ability to have a say in how Ohio gets run. Pretty please and thank you.

— JS

24 Comments on “Last Minute Reminder to Ohioans: Vote NO on Issue 1 Today”

  1. We have our primaries here in Mississippi too. Almost all the candidates are Republicans and running unopposed in all but three Republican primary races and in all but one Democratic primary race.

    If I choose a Democratic ballot, I get to vote between three candidates for Agriculture Commissioner. That’s it.

    by selecting a Republican ballot, I get to pick the least crazy of people who will be running in November anyway.

    And I ask myself, how did I get here!

  2. Already did my civic duty. Looking forward to seeing the results tonight and confirmation that the measure has failed.

  3. People are definitely voting on it. I went to early voting last week here in Columbus. (The Franklin County Elections building is basically right around the corner from my apartment.)
    There was a line to get in to vote. (It only took maybe 10-15 minutes total from the time I arrived to when I left.)
    But- I have NEVER seen a line for early voting, in the 10 years I’ve been living here, for any sort of off-year election. Even the voting for Senate/Congress every 2 years doesn’t get lines. The last time I saw a line for early voting was 2016 for Hillary vs Trump.

  4. Saw that Ted Strickland and Betty Montgomery were both speaking at a “No on 1” rally, and the Ohio Libertarian Party is suing Frank LaRose about it.

    When Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians are all united against this thing, you have to wonder who these people are with the “Yes on 1” signs in their yards… (I know, I know – the answer is “religious nutjobs” 🙄)

  5. Hi John, would this vote passing change your opinion on staying in Ohio? You’ve said before that these votes don’t impact you or your family personally as you are financially insulated from them, but how do you feel about your tax dollars being used for these kinds of things and whatever else they’re going to legislate going forward with the possibility of being able to block anything becoming almost impossible?

  6. Gaming the system, as these Republicans are wont to do is the most contemptible abuse of power. Good on you for voting No, and I wish that all Ohioans would do the same.

  7. Voted by absentee last week! Thank you for using your platform to advocate against this!!

  8. Here in equally-red Kansas, we managed a year ago to resoundingly vote down a constitutional amendment which would have eventually allowed banning abortion. As pessimistic as I usually am, I believe you can do the same. Good luck, Ohio, I’m pulling for you.

  9. Congratulations! Dave Wasserman (the Redistricting guy) called it for the No vote at 8 pm

  10. I don’t live in Ohio, but I was reading earlier how the folks behind the No.1 initiative (or whatever it is) were hoping for a low turnout to help get No. 1 passed. I hope your post helped in its defeat!

  11. I’m so happy it’s a NO vote! I can’t recall many elections in the past that have caused cheering from across the country like this, but there was cheering in my house. So congratulations from many states away!

  12. Hooray! I was one of many volunteers who sent postcards to Ohio to encourage a NO vote on Issue 1. Thank you for lending your voice to the cause!

  13. And Issue 1 went down like Ron DeSatan’s poll numbers! :)

    Here’s looking forward to a resounding victory in November for the abortion-rights measure that the Ohio fascists were trying to sabotage by ramming this pile of [REDACTED] through!

  14. Excellent result. One hopes the abortion rights vote is similarly carried and the Ohio Republicans are forced to backtrack on their illegal gerrymandering.

  15. When you do everything you can to rig an election and still lose, you have a problem. Voters in Ohio told the state’s Republican Party on Tuesday that it has a big problem, and they sent that message to the GOP nationwide. – The Washington Post

  16. I’m torn on this. One the one hand, this obviously had to be defeated because it was clear what the proponents intended. On the other hand, this is a weapon that cuts both ways. What happens when they want to bad gay people or outlaw any medical care for trans people? Some things you WANT something more than a bare 50.1 percent margin for. Particularly constitutional amendments.

    None of which is to say that I would not have voted no in this instance, just that there are … issues.

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