A Quick Weekend Report

First, look at the photo above: Would you believe that’s a library? Well, it is: The Library of Congress, where on Friday night, I and a bunch of authors and librarians and other had a nice little soiree prior to the National Book Festival on Saturday. It was a lovely time, and I got many decorating tips. Likewise, the book festival was a bunch of fun: I was in conversation with NPR’s Linda Holmes about The Kaiju Preservation Society and Starter Villain, and I did a signing under the clock because they started my signing at 7pm and everything had to wrap up at 8pm. We basically triple-timed everything and got the last book signed with about two minutes to spare.

I’m back home today and then out again Monday, to New York City, where I am doing something currently secret but promising to be lots of fun. Travel is a thing and often tiring, but the results will hopefully be pretty neat. If thing are slow here the next couple of days, now you know why.

How was your weekend?

— JS

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  1. Spent Saturday at a friend’s mom’s memorial and reception of her passing. Then Sunday, gosh to make up for the busy previous week I just aimed to take it easy and relax. I hit my goals! ;-)

    A few days ago I started “The Kaiju Preservation Society” and am really enjoying it. I’m at page 70 right now. I love your relaxed style of writing. Nice to slide into your stories and you continually crack me up with your character’s cultural references. All, very on-point.

    A great weekend. Now onto a better week.

  2. Spent most of the weekend playing Against the Storm (nice roguelike city builder), currently have ribs on the BBQ about ready to come inside.

    Your headshot is very nice – living your best life. All the burritos just SHINE through you! Have a safe trip to NYC.

  3. I walked by a used book shop, went in, and found a copy of KPS for ten dollars! Now reading and enjoying it.

  4. One of my favorite buildings in the entire world. Love that place. Photos don’t do it justice.

  5. I’ve loved Linda Holmes’ writing since her days with Television Without Pity. Looking forward to the interview!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time!

    My weekend was good, thanks for asking – caught a terrific play on Saturday, did chores on Sunday, welcomed a sibling and their offspring Sunday evening for a fast overnight stay, and am currently awaiting the timer’s buzz to take a batch of lemon-blueberry muffins out of the oven for breakfast.

    Safe travels to NYC, hope that all goes very well there!

  7. I really enjoyed listening to your conversation with Linda Holmes on Saturday! You are both delightful people

  8. Went to a fair and horse show in Pike NY, beautiful summer day Sunday. Planning to take Ghost Brigades along for reading on the plane, soon.

  9. I read your August 11 post and was excited to learn you were in the area. I was able to see you speak at the National Book Festival! Although I was towards the end of the book signing event and it was a bit rushed, I was happy you made a great big goofy smile for my quick photo! Thank you, it made my day :).

  10. A nice and slow weekend. I set up the PC I bought last week. Got an extra external hard drive – to move data from the old device and have more storage on the new PC.

    Then I went to my boyfriend watched some Netflix, tried tibetian cuisine (sautéed thenthuk).
    And I saw that another author from whom I already read some or listened to some books will soon publish a new one.


    Let’s see if my local bookstore gets this pre-order thing now better than the last time I tried it.
    Last time they noted me once a week, that they couldn’t yet deliver the book, because there was a delivery hindrance. “Yeah, I’m totally unsurprised that you can’t deliver a book that isn’t published yet…”
    But no worries, I still have enough books to read. For example, the book “The Plague – Camus” I bought in France during my bicycle vacances when I forgot my Kindle at home.

  11. Beaten to the Kaiju: The Musical comment by Nicole and Maggie – curses! Another vote that it should be a thing!

  12. My weekend was fine. I dragged some people to see a staged reading which turned out to be THE WORST thing I had ever seen at that venue. But we had fun complaining about it afterward.

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