View From a Hotel Balcony, 8/14/23: Brooklyn

Fun fact: for all the times that I’ve been in New York City, my hotel room has always been in Manhattan, and I’ve strayed into the other boroughs rarely if at all. That changes tonight: For the first time I’m staying in Brooklyn, and I have to say it’s pretty nice so far. I’m here in town not for a public event but to do a promotional video, the details of which I can’t yet divulge, but will be pretty cool when I can show it to you all. In the meantime: Hello (from) Brooklyn! It’s good to be in you.

— JS

10 Comments on “View From a Hotel Balcony, 8/14/23: Brooklyn”

  1. My mother had an absolute meltdown when I informed her I had gone to the theater …. in Brooklyn (BAM). If I left the island of Manhatten she absolutely was certain is be abducted. Then I went to Queens. Ha.

    How you have a great time and great food.

  2. I live in Brooklyn, but once a year on my birthday I treat myself to an NYC hotel. Based on the view, I think I’ve stayed at that hotel before, it’s a really nice hotel. If you’re out for a walk, you could do worse than walking by the park at the old Domino sugar factory. And if for some reason you came to NYC for barbecue, try Fette Sau. (Take my word for it, I grew up in Kansas City.)

  3. Hey wow. In the background of that shot there’s the bridge I bought a couple of years ago. Nice!

  4. Clearly, you are Above The Line – few visitors come down to the end of the borough where real Brooklynites live. Too bad. I would have been happy to show you around, and we have more restaurants per capita in my neighborhood than in most of Manhattan.

    Hope it was a fun and productive trip.

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