In Which I Am Informed By the Boss It Is Time to Go Back to Work

“Yes, yes, you traveled to Washington and New York for the last week, and you got to see people and have adventures. That’s very nice. But now you’re back, and, what is that? A pile of work you’ve been ignoring while you’ve been on the road? Well, guess what you get to do now, pal?”

Spice. She is tough but fair. And not wrong. Lots of work to catch up on. I should get to it.

— JS

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  1. Yep, we always get that break after finishing a big project (for you, getting your latest book out), but one always has to return to one’s work. (Spoiler alert: As I’m retired the equivalent is back to work just doing life stuff.) So there really is no reprieve.

    Get a mug of whatever you enjoy in the mornings. Keep a look out for your boss (Spice) and close those news windows you are checking… Research! Research for your next book! ;-)

    Know that what you do brings much joy. True customer account… I hit the halfway point of Kaiju Preservation Society last night in bed and hard to go to sleep as I kept laughing at the character interactions. Is it okay to say I want to see your work on the big screen or series on a streaming services?

    Anyways, my brain realized that I had to be up the next day and this late night reading nonsense had to stop, no matter that I am retired. So it just did a hard shutdown and I just turned off. Awoke later with book in hand and reading lamp still one. Fixed that and went back to sleep, no fair about needing sleep for the next day.

    But at least, I’ll be recharged to read more during an afternoon break I’m planning… heh, heh, heh.

  2. I’m pretty sure that look means, “Sit down and make a lap, you are way behind in your cat furniture duties.”

  3. A touch of judgement, a splash of disappointment, just a hint of of impatience. Like my mother asking if my homework was done, so long ago…

  4. Oh, that work I ordered you to get to involves the computer? Here, let me get between you and the screen.
    —Spice, probably—

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