Starter Villain in the House

Literally ten minutes ago the UPS truck rolled up with my author hardcover copies of Starter Villain. As is tradition, I gave the first copy to Krissy, and the second copy is mine (the third usually goes to my mother-in-law. The fourth usually goes to the Bradford library). I have to say it looks great and I’m delighted to have it here at home. You all will still have to wait another four weeks. Sorry.

This does, however, give me time to remind you that I will be on tour with the book, so go ahead and get that on your schedule, and otherwise, if print is your favorite reading medium, preorder the book from your favorite local bookseller so you know you’ll have your copy on September 19th. They will be happy to take your preorder, I assure you!

Also, in case you’re wondering, it never gets old to see your book in print. This is the thirty-something-odd time. It’s just as great as the first. Hey! I wrote a book!

— JS

20 Comments on “Starter Villain in the House”

  1. Please forgive me if I break protocol, but do you ever do an Ask Me Anything post?

    Just asking for…uh…myself.

  2. Over the past few years you’ve done some online or hybrid book tour events. Will there be any for Starter Villain?

  3. Do you smell your books when you get them? I do, and I was surprised to learn how many other writers do, too. I think the publishers spray them with New Book Smell.

    Congratulations on the release! Looking forward to reading it even though I hate cats. Or maybe because I hate cats. We’ll see.

  4. Signed up for one of the tour stops and am going to bring my ARC of Starter Villain for you to sign!

  5. You wrote this? I think your cat dictated it to you and so sure “you wrote it.” But we know the true “writer” here. ;-)

  6. Did you ever give away the ARC of this? I remember the original “pick a number” post and I just scrolled back to it and never saw a follow-up.

    I mean, I know I didn’t win, but …

  7. Did you ever announce the winner of the ARC contest from the 4th? I’m always curious about what number was the winner. My brain is funny like that.

  8. I am a bit suprised that none of the books go to Athena, or is she reading on of the copys of her parents?

  9. If only there was some way I could get me some author copies of MY book. Without, ya know, actually doing the work of actually writing a book. :)
    Congratulations to you for writing, and to Spice for claiming such a beautiful book.

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