My SciFri Interview About The Kaiju Preservation Society

This summer the folks at Science Friday made The Kaiju Preservation Society their book club read, and in addition to talking about the book with each other, they had me come over for an hour-long chat about the book, writing, science and life in general. Here’s the whole interview for your delight. Note the live action part starts at about 3:43 in the run time, and I show up at about 6:50. Enjoy!

— JS

10 Comments on “My SciFri Interview About The Kaiju Preservation Society”

  1. Thanks 😊
    I’m reading the book now and listen to Science Friday every week.

  2. That was an enjoyable interview!

    Thanks for all your books, which are a great pleasure for me. I’m looking forward to “Start Villain!”

  3. That was interesting. It was refreshing to have a host that clearly had not only read (and enjoyed) KPS, she also asked (with the help of the audience) pertinent questions. Thanks for sharing.

    Looking forward to “Starter Villain” — seems like I’ve had it pre-ordered for years now.

  4. Thanks for posting this. I had signed up to watch this interview live but then ended up with a scheduling conflict. As a Canadian, I loved that the base was in Labrador (or what would be Labrador in our world) but I wondered what made you choose that location?

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