Saturday Music: “She Goes On”

I was down in the basement music studio today, upgrading software, and I figured as long as I was down there I might as well cover a song, this one by Crowded House. It’s a very pretty song, pretty enough to (almost) mask that it is also a fundamentally sad song. I love it and wanted to try my hand at it. I don’t think Neil Finn has anything to worry about musically, but I enjoyed having a pass at it. I hope you like it too.

And here’s the original for a compare and contrast.

— JS

11 Comments on “Saturday Music: “She Goes On””

  1. That was really lovely.

    During the height of Covid, I tuned into Neil Finn filmed, home studio sessions. Recommended by Bev Vincent and just a treat!

  2. speaking of hijacked intellectual property — which you weren’t — I’ve begun re-reading OMW series as brain cleanser… something just sprung off the page… might be a fun side project for you to register those TMs such as SmartBlood™ and then write about it… such as how, depending upon recent tweaks in IP-CR-TM related legislation your grandchildren will inherit control of various chunks of your IP but not in any consistent manner… I dunno if Analog or Ceaseless Skies or other SF publications would publish an article but possibly Bloomberg or Forbes or WSJ for laughs ‘n giggles on a slow day sort of thing

  3. Not bad at all. That’s you singing? I’m honestly impressed (and I speak as someone who used to play in bar bands). You hit the notes cleanly and I don’t hear strain on the higher notes. Most of all, it’s musical. You are definitely a man of many talents. It would be great to hear something where you don’t bury your voice in processing.

    One piece of constructive criticism: try turning away from the mike when you inhale.

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