New Books and ARCs, 9/1/23

New month, new books and ARCs at the Scalzi Compound, with an emphasis on limited editions from Subterranean Press! What here is something you want to take into September with you? Share in the comments!

— JS

14 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 9/1/23”

  1. The Best of Michael Swanwick. To educate myself.
    Then Being Michael Swanwick. Because of the homage it pays to his book to his friend. But not Malkovich.

  2. that’s the two:
    “Best Of Michael Swanwick” and “Being Michael Swanwick”

    Plus the new MacLeod

    Looks like a rich haul indeed

  3. Thanks. I could not decipher the title of Gary Whitta’s book.

    Looked online and this guy liked it…. Might add it to the growing stack.

    “Open the cinema of your mind and grab the popcorn―the blockbuster you’ve been waiting for has just arrived.” ―John Scalzi, author of The Kaiju Preservation Society


    “…this year, Kit Kat has launched a churro flavor…”


    for those with limited bandwidth or high prices on 5G data on devices… is text only no videos no photographs… so fast loads and zero popups-overlays-flickering-resizing-etc… as well ‘power miser’ which is especially useful for anyone trapped in midst a climate hellzone such as a category 7 hurricane (Florida) or another out-of-control flaming forest (Canada)

    [ suggestion to Athena Scalzi, assembling list of such sites for those in a sudden climate hellzone, needful article, especially if it is a frequently updated page ]


    huh… that looked like a cyberpunk font for Hebrew… I was struggling to read it right-to-left


    that’s on my to-be-read list

  5. I enjoyed Harrow’s “Spindle”/”Mirror” books – fairytale re-imaginings with a multiverse “choose your own story” aspect.

    Gundog did sound interesting – a bit like the premise of the “Gurren Lagann” manga…

  6. Always happy to see what Subterranean is up to.

    @Howard “looked like a cyberpunk font for Hebrew… I was struggling to read it right-to-left”

    Had exactly the same reaction. (Or maybe Aramaic, though the market is significantly smaller and they mainly use Syriac these days.)

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