Saturday Music: Over the Hillside (Rough Mix)

I’m not saying that me posting covers of songs I like is becoming a usual thing for the weekends here, especially as I’m about to have my weekends booked for the next two months inclusive, but I am saying it’s been kind of fun to learn more about my music production equipment, and my current state of competence with it, by taking songs I like and making cover versions of them.

Today’s cover is “Over the Hillside,” from a band called The Blue Nile, from Scotland, and it is the opening song off Hats, probably their best known album (which, alas, is not all that well known). I’m calling this a rough mix because, whether they need it or not, I want to tweak the vocals a little more. At the very least, however, those of you who noted with previous songs that I needed to seat the vocals in the middle of the mix will be happy, as they are right up front. Be careful what you wish for!

(Update: 9/11/23: I did indeed update the vocals, mostly by taking out things rather than adding them in. They’re better now.)

Also, for compare and contrast, here is the original (it’s better). Enjoy both, and have a great weekend.

— JS

4 Comments on “Saturday Music: Over the Hillside (Rough Mix)”

  1. I note that your email blasts about your posts are now only showing the title, not the full content like the emails used to. Noticed that in the last 2-3 posts.

  2. One of my favorite voices, Paul Buchanan. If you haven’t listened to Mid Air, well worth it.

  3. Listening to your version – you’ve done it some credit (well,your vocals aren’t a patch on Paul’s, sorry :) ). Still – the synth work is good. Feels a bit more epic than the original; not quite as intimate (although a lot of that is Bucanan’s vocals, of course). Opening had a bit of a Twin Peaks vibe … overall impression is like an M83 cover of the song (and I like M83).

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