A Note About a Thing

My wife threw me a surprise party yesterday, to which dozens of friends from all across the country showed up, and I was so surprised and overwhelmed and happy I did not actually take a single picture, which if you know me is highly uncharacteristic. I’m still slightly dazed from it.

So quickly:

For everyone who was able to make it, thank you for making it such a wonderful day.

For everyone who wanted to come but couldn’t, you were there in spirit and very much appreciated.

For everyone else who are hearing about it for the first time right now, well, it was a surprise to me, too, I’m sure you would have been there if you had known.

Thank you again. What a lovely day we had.

— JS

10 Comments on “A Note About a Thing”

  1. Move over, Oscars and Met Gala. THIS was Definitely the hottest and most exclusive ticket of the season!

  2. I think she may be a keeper…
    Congratulations on whatever (hah!) it was you celebrated that we find out about on Wednesday!

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