View From a Hotel Window, 9/18/23: Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale has apparently not gotten the memo that it’s supposed to be a bit autumnal: It’s currently 100 degrees out right now, which I discovered is not an especially walkable heat when I walked most of a mile to get my COVID and flu boosters at a near(ish) pharmacy, and then walked back. I did remember to hydrate, however, which is why I am not currently an overheated lump on the side of the road.

Which would have been inconvenient, not just because I would be having heat stroke, but also because I’m meant to kick off the Starter Villain book tour tonight at 7pm at the Poisoned Pen bookstore here in Scottsdale. Fortunately I am back in my cool hotel room, decompressing, and everything should be going according to schedule. If you happen to be in the Scottsdale area this evening, won’t you come by? Let’s kick this book tour off right, what do you say.

TOMORROW: San Diego! Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore! 7pm! My only Southern California stop on this tour! Don’t miss out!

— JS

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  1. I wish I could have made it to see you! I’ve just gotten the offspring started on your works (KPS was a hit) and we’re both looking forward to Starter Villain.

    Seriously. Her whoop of joy when I told her Starter Villain was out this week was deafening. Especially since she was like a foot from my ear.

  2. My daughter and I are both looking forward to Starter Villain. Seriously. Her whoop of joy when I reminded her it was due out this week was deafening. Especially since she was like a foot from my ear.

    Wish I could have made it, but my sister was originally scheduled for surgery today.

  3. Enjoy the tour! My copy from the SubPress signing was just dropped off – looking forward to starting it tonight!

  4. Purely out of curiosity, do you not rent cars when you are on a book tour? I can imagine an argument in either direction.

  5. Dear John,

    Glad to hear it cooled off for your visit (no joke!)

    Poisoned Pen is a great bookstore with great people. I was there on tour once. Everyone should patronize it.

    pax / Ctein

  6. Historically the Covid vaccine has kicked my tush for 24-48 hrs afterwards. I’m impressed you casually walked in and got the Covid and Flu at the same time! Enjoy the tour and stay healthy. Our copy of Starter Villain arrived today! Another signed copy for another John Scalzi! Thank-you!

  7. I’m looking forward to reading Starter Villain.

    We are going on a couple of short trips in the next month-I had my flu and RSV last week, and we’ll get Pfizer # 6 in 2 days.

  8. A man walks two miles in 100 degree heat to get a shot that’s untested and has no efficacy. And you’re praising him?

    I sincerely hope this ends well but I think it won’t. Get some sense man.

  9. John, Watch that heat! Dangerous, could cause all sorts of problems. You could end up like ‘Clo Tshot’ (see above).

  10. No worries, it’s gonna be a balmy 70 here in San Diego tomorrow.

    Wish I could go to the signing but I don’t drive at night anymore :(

    Oh, and about that 2 mile walk and Covid shot. Good on you for getting the jab, I’m getting really tired of listening to people who are determined to be stupid. Bad on you for walking 2 miles in that kinda heat.

  11. I know it was hot yesterday afternoon but I hope you are outside right now enjoying this very lovely 70 degree weather.

  12. I’ve never lived in the SW but here in the SE, I’d say ‘fall’ starts when the nighttime lows are reliably below 65 degrees. Daytime highs can be whatever, but cool(ish) in the morning is autumnal. (This morning could almost have worn long sleeves! But not so much this afternoon.)

    I suspect Scottsdalians have a similar metric.

  13. @ john kaessinger:

    “You could end up like ‘Clo Tshot’ (see above).”

    Indeed. Brain fog is a known side effect of COVID-19, worse if one is unvaccinated. With poor Clo Thsot, it appears to have become permanent.

  14. Nice picture. Has that faded color/sepia tone kinda look to it that reminds one of a mid-century tourist postcard. Love it! Be sure to hit the pool. I promise that if the air temp is >110° the water temperature will feel arctic and shrivel your, um, yeah. 🙄

  15. I had the COVID and flu boosters on same day two years ago. My current approach is to space them apart. Flu shot is this Thursday and COVID is next Thursday. Still need to schedule RSV vaccination.

    My signed book arrived yesterday.