View From a Hotel Window, 9/18/23: San Diego

Technically a marina is a parking lot! It’s lovely view, someone currently being ruined by the sound of someone running a chainsaw near by; it really drowns out the sounds of the sea lions at the marina. Humans are the actual worst.

TONIGHT: I’m at Mysterious Galaxy bookstore at 7pm. I’m looking forward to it, mostly because it will be the first time I’m back at Mysterious Galaxy since it changed owners and location. So it will be all new to me!

TOMORROW: I’m in San Francisco at the Bookbinder Museum (also, I think at 7pm). This event is SOLD OUT, so if you didn’t get tickets, hey, I’m sorry. I’ll try to come back to San Francisco soon.

— JS

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  1. Now THAT is a nice view! And in the “room temperature” city no less! Need to take an afternoon, rent a board and ride a few!

  2. I live in the middle of fire country in the Northern California Sierra Foothills. When I first moved here almost twenty-five years ago I’d hear chainsaws and think “Damn, you! You’re cutting down the forest!”. Now I think “Yay! Fuel reduction!” We’ve spent many thousands dealing with trees that have come down in storms and in removing trees that are immediate fire dangers on our property. There’s still plenty of forest.

  3. I used to live about a mile north of that hotel way back when I was in the Navy. Great area. Made the commute over the bridge completely worth it.

  4. Currently on vacation in SF, but leaving tomorrow morning. Missed it by that much . I guess I’ll just have to wait for the Texas Book Festival.

  5. gah – posted comment elided my “using my best Maxwell Smart voice” comment because it was enclosed by &lt and &gt

  6. I was in Joseph Beth bookstore in Cincinnati and I saw a sign that you will be there soon. Unfortunately you will be there on Yom Kippur. Maybe I’ll catch you on your next book tour.

  7. Stayed at that hotel many times — a couple of weddings, a trip with the kids to LEGOLAND, a business meeting — one of my favorites.

  8. I’m sure the phrase “someone currently being ruined” would be improved by dropping that “someone”.

  9. Burnt, oh I dunno, maybe he’s practicing writing one-sentence horror stories. What if he dropped “the sound of” instead?

  10. I nearly choked on my breakfast and died while listening to Wil Wheaton voice the dolphins. Thank you for your lovely book.

  11. While I personally feel boats don’t “park”, they “dock”, so it’s a docking lot, I bow to your superior writerly skills.

  12. “While I personally feel boats don’t “park”, they “dock”, so it’s a docking lot, I bow to your superior writerly skills.”

    Since I love a good pointless debate on the interwebs, I’ll point out a boad can be also ‘ parked’ at anchor – no dock involved. 😉😀. Note smiley and winky emojs. Friendly poke only intended. 😉

  13. It’s a parking lot for boats or the parking lot equivalent for boats so…

    It looks like you’re winning though.

  14. Going out of town the next day, so packing took priority over fun regarding the San Francisco event.

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