View From a Hotel Window, 9/22/23: DFW

Another airport hotel view, once again because I have to be up silly early to catch a flight — not the earliest I have to get up, that’s tomorrow — and being at an airport hotel is the easiest way to manage that. Also, after the horrendous travel day I had yesterday (I didn’t get to my hotel room until 1am), I was glad not to have to go anywhere far to get to a bed. Today has been a day of sleeping in, staying in bed (I am still in bed as I am writing this at 3pm central) and ordering room service. Don’t worry, I’m still doing to event tonight. But then: right back to bed, y’all.

TOMORROW: Pittsburgh for the first time as a tour stop! PLEASE NOTE: If you are coming to see me tomorrow, the venue has changed: It’s now at the Sixth Presbyterian Church (1688 Murray Ave), although at the same time, 4pm. Yes, I’ll be in a church. By now, this is a familiar thing for me. See you there!

— JS

9 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 9/22/23: DFW”

  1. Have fun? I used to take takes for sundown rides on the tram at the airport (it used to be free). I’m struggling with spending an entire day there, but you’ll probably knock out a novella or something.

  2. Okay, I concede it is not a parking lot that you are overlooking – that is after all the gold standard. But, I think a freeway, with overpasses [bonus points if there is a cloverleaf!] does qualify for honourable mention.


  3. Thank you for coming to Dallas, despite the travel setbacks. You were able to turn a frustrating event into a funny story for us.

    P.S. I’m curious. If the F-bomb is the best word in the English language, as you said last night, why did you prevent your daughter from saying it until she turned seventeen? :)

  4. Congratulations on being back on track although at the cost of a missed event. :(
    That’s more important than the quality of parking lot in your view from a hotel window.

  5. Something about the color tones of this picture makes it feel very 1960s-1970s to me.

    Or maybe it’s just having spent a decade as a child in Dallas and having almost all my DFW memories be from the 1970s.

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