View From a Hotel Window, 9/23/23: Pittsburgh

Well, folks, if we’re talking parking lot views, it appears that we have hit the motherlode. This is an extremely impressive collection of loitering vehicles. I think it may even be a record, and in 15 years of touring, that’s saying something.

Reminder that today’s event is at 4pm and that the venue is now the Sixth Presbyterian Church (1688 Murray Ave). Tomorrow, I’m in Chapel Hill, for another afternoon event (also 4pm) at Flyleaf books. See you there, North Carolina!

— JS

20 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 9/23/23: Pittsburgh”

  1. Wow, crazy schedule. ‘If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium’. Dating myself.
    Got my copy! It’s in the queue. Philly someday?

  2. I can’t be there today (being in Evanston instead), but your effort to move the event even closer to one of my family members is appreciated.

  3. It’s probably really busy because the Penguins (NHL) start their preseason this weekend. Plus pirates and Steelers games most likely.

  4. An impressive shot of the long-term lot at the airport, with the extended lot off in the distance.
    Looking forward to seeing you this afternoon! And it’s my birthday!

  5. I once got socked in (effectively) at that hotel for a work week when planes could get in and out – so I got to my meeting, which was at the airport hotel – but the rest of the city was mostly shut down because of extreme ice and cold. I put in a quite a few laps over the course of the week around that lot trying to stave off cabin fever. To this day, that’s all I’ve ever seen of Pittsburgh.

  6. Finished Starter Villain today. Over much too quick. Found what looks like a typo. Beginning of Chapter 19 after the missile attack on the Bellagio it says ” I waved my way unsteadily towards him”
    That should probably be: I weaved my way.
    Small stuff that perhaps got by the last proof reader. Maybe, maybe not.
    Looking forward to the real end of covid when your tour schedule may ramp up. I have a copy of your “QUESTIONS FOR A SOLDIER” I would love to get signed, again.
    Love your work. You have caused me to miss much sleep reading late into the night.

  7. Couldn’t make it to Chapel Hill tomorrow, but I do have a copy of SV waiting for your signature. In the mean time, I am THOROUGHLY enjoying the Audible version. Will W. was the perfect choice for this one. Best mix of humor and adventure since Redshirts! Thank you again for another great read.

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