View From the Sky, 9/26/23

Well, I’m off to Budapest now. This is the view from earlier today, heading from Ohio to Washington; now I’m on the plane heading to Europe. It’ll be most of a day in the sky and at airports before I make it to Budapest; I splashed out on Business Class to make sure my neck won’t be a pretzel when I arrive.

As I head to a whole other continent, I wanted to thank everyone who attended my tour events in the last week. It’s always so much fun to see everyone and share a day with you. Thank you all. When I come back from Europe I’ll be doing more events – including a make-up date in Wichita on October 9 – so I will see even more of you soon.

Until then, don’t wreck North America while I’m away, okay? Thank you in advance.

— JS

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  1. Budapest is, unfortunately, too far to go, even from England.

    Loving the book – I’m about halfway way through, and keep being asked why I’m snort(ing to myself.

  2. Safe travel! And not only have I completed Starter Villain, but I am trying to send a copy via Amazon to a friend in Dubai…

    No spoilers, but I think I detected a certain level of hommage to Robert Heinlein. Am I right?

  3. I read this post and thought “Wait. Where did I just hear the phrase ‘splashed out’ for the first time. Oh, right. It was in Starter Villain.”

  4. Enjoy Budapest. I stayed in Pest way back in 1991 on my first trip to Europe. It was nice.
    A fun thing to occupy a few minutes is to go to The Atlantic’s website and use their database to see which of your favorite author’s books have been inhaled by the AI wannabe gods.

  5. Have fun in Budapest. Will you get a chance to look around for a day or two? I’ve been twice (my mom was born there) and it’s a beautiful city.

  6. keep flapping your arms! given how trimmed maintenance budgets are, you’d better flap lest yer aircraft fall and go splat

  7. World class beautiful city. I visited once in 1989 while living in Stockholm for a year while on sabbatical. Went to Prague while on sabbatical in Germany for a year in 1998. Great times.

    As Mark Twain said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.” Never has this been more true than today. Too bad most of us who have the opportunity and means to do so are the least likely to need it to open our minds and world views.

    Take lots of pictures and share!!

  8. Have a great time in Budapest! The states will hopefully still be standing when you get back. If not, you’ll have a great view of the scene from the plane

  9. Best wishes for your trip to Europe. Is there some sort of calendar for your appearances here that you can share… I’m hoping our itineraries may cross…

  10. spent some time pre-Orban in Budapest, 2010. It was a wonderful city then. See link from my name..

    It also hosted one of the best track and field world championships of recent times, earlier this year. The TV coverage didn’t give enough local color for me, wanted to see more of the city. Please post some pictures and reports from your trip ;-)

  11. Enjoy BP, I lived there for a few years, my family still does. And say Hello if land yourself in Prague sometime, the beers are on me.

    Hit up Szimpla Kert, as far as I know it’s still and interesting place to spend an evening.

    Have a safe flight

  12. I’m sad that I won’t be able to make the new Wichita date. I’d gotten about halfway from Oklahoma City to Wichita when I got the “United screwed up your plans” email, and was hoping the reschedule would be for a day when I could go, but I’ll be in Arizona that week instead. Boo.

  13. There’s got to be at least one parking lot in that picture.

    About halfway through the book – enjoying it immensely. However I envy the US folks their cover – the UK one pales in comparison.

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