Starter Villain a NYT, USA Today, Indie and Audible Bestseller

And it’s actually a New York Times best seller twice, as it landed on both the Hardcover and Combine Print & EBook list (numbers 14 and 12, respectively). Plus it’s #30 on the USA Today list (that list covers all books being sold in bookstore, regardless of format, genre and release date), #15 on the Indie list (compiled from indie booksellers), and #2 on the Audible Fiction Audio list (Update, 9/28: And also #8 on the Amazon Bestseller’s list!). That’s a pretty great start for a book that features volcano lairs, lasers and cats who can type. I am, as you may imagine, delighted.

I’m typing this from Budapest, incidentally, where it is past midnight; I stayed up to hear if the book made the NYT list. Now I’m going to go thump in the bed, as tomorrow the Budapest International Book Festival starts its run, and I’m the Guest of Honor for it. Coming into the event with a new bestseller is kind of a nice way to begin things.

— JS

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  1. I really enjoyed this novel. I listened to the excellent Wil Wheaton Audible narration. I have been eyeing my cat with suspicion since I finished it, however. Well done, John, and I wish you much success with it.

  2. Congratulations!

    Well deserved. I loved it. Having been owned almost continually by cats for the last 40 years, there was NOTHING about Hera or the other cats that I doubted for a moment! I kept having moments of “Well, THAT certainly makes sense.”

    I always feel this about your books, but this time more than most: I look forward to every release, and that won’t change. But I would be truly delighted if, at any point, you decided you had more to say in that world, with some of those characters.

    Thanks for yet another wonderful read! Every now and then a friend will ask, “So what’s your favorite Scalzi novel,” and I look at them as if they’ve suddenly started speaking fluent Sumerian. How can I POSSIBLY choose?

  3. ‘Grats! ‘Tis a fine book. ‘Tis no pool, English. But, ’tis a fine book.

    Also, I too Like Meow Mix.

  4. Well deserved, but not even a little bit surprising. I loved KPS (and of course, all your other stuff), but this is your most entertaining effort yet — because … CATS!!!

  5. Congratulations!

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  6. Congratulations, well deserved. Getting ready to start the kindle version (Yes, I bought the autographed one from Subterranean, but like the convenience of ebooks. So you sold twice to me grin).

  7. Legendary DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz once discovered that comics having covers featuring gorillas and/or Earth in unexpected figurations usually sold a lot of copies. Now with the cover of “Starter Villain,” I’m wondering if Scalzi discovered cat depictions are the new best-seller visual bait. Or if future Scalzi book contracts will have a “must have cat on book cover” clause.

  8. Congratulations John! Not at all surprised. It was a wonderful read. Always enjoy your sence of humor and this one was packed with it! As always with your books, it was over much too quickly. Looking forward to your next wild adventure. Thank you.

  9. mazel tov…

    I not the least bit envious… though if Netflix turns it into the next mega-madness like Game of Thrones then I shall revisit that lofty position of spiritual purrrrrfection

    Q do your cats have their own agent yet?