Hello From Budapest 9/29/23 + Hugo Voting Reminder

First and most importantly, I found the statue of Peter Falk here in Budapest. Note the height similarities.

Second, I spent the day being interviewed a whole bunch, for various Hungarian news outlets. It was a lot of fun and also very tiring after a good half dozen long interviews. Fortunately I also had a lovely dinner with my publishing house and writer Nicholas Binge, and now I’m back at the hotel and ready to collapse into sleep.

Third, a reminder to Worldcon members that we’re down the the last two days to vote on the Hugo Awards (and also a reminder that The Kaiju Preservation Society is a finalist this year in the category of Best Novel). If you haven’t voted yet, now is the time to do it.

Big day tomorrow, I give my guest of honor Q&A and then sign a whole bunch of books. See you there, Budapest!

— JS

16 Comments on “Hello From Budapest 9/29/23 + Hugo Voting Reminder”

  1. I had no idea such a statue existed. I must have forgotten that Columbo had a dog. Apparently the dogs name is Dog.

    This site is so educational.

    Enjoy some non American culture and hospitality.

  2. Enjoy you stay in Hungary.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the weekend to go to Hungary.
    Maybe you will make it to the Fantasy Basel one day.

  3. Sigh. I’d love to vote for the Hugos, but can’t get anything at the Chengdu Worldcon website to work; it knows my email address but won’t send me logins. I got desperate today and tried to sign up with a different email system, and even that’s not working.

    And any available kaiju appear to be in the wrong universe to send over to tell them to fix it :-)

  4. It is amazing what you can find on google. Apparently Peter Falk was the same height as I am. So John, that makes you and I quite tall…

    I trust the peanut gallery will refrain from snide remarks!

  5. @ Bill Stewart. At the beginning I had to use a VPN set to Asia. Lately it’s been working for me without that. Changing browsers or devices might help. The login for the vote
    is at https://hugo.chengduwo
    They need your email and membership number, click “Get a code” – if you get the email, enter the code and then “Code check” and then start voting.
    I assume you’ve already done as much of that as you were able and the problem is on their end, but I’ll just throw this up here in case there’s something useful.

    Minutes to go. This is a tough year for jumping throught the hoops. Well, in some parts of the world, at least.

  6. P.S. (Hugo still) For those who managed to vote – after saving all your rankings it seems you also have to hit the “submit vote” button or the rankings will be in the database but not actually submitted.

  7. If you have a couple hours, the Art Museum across the river and on top of the hill in the old castle was one of my favorites when backpacking across Europe a few decades ago. You get a sense of Hungarian history and culture just walking through that is rare to find. 🖖🏼

  8. Enjoy Budapest. Was just there and it is a lovely city. Take the time and go to the Gellért Bathhouse.

  9. Budapest sounds nice.

    This is a test, actually, as some WordPress sites now insist a person has a login (WP or otherwise) to post a comment. This appeared on these sites a week or so ago, presumably as part of a WP “upgrade”.

    Looks like Whatever is working as before.

  10. @JR
    You can see the dead squirrel in this picture too. :) It is the whitish little thing, next to the electrical box.

  11. Thought you’d find this interesting. You made the best seller list this morning in the Houston Chronicle. They used to have a strict No SF/F policy in their best seller list. Congrats on breaking that ceiling!

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