On Blurb Hiatus Through the Rest of 2023

This is one of those little housekeeping notes I post to point people at later:

I am not accepting any additional requests for novel blurbs (or blurbs for other projects) through the end of 2023. I have a backlog of books I have been asked to blurb, and between now and the end of 2023 I have my own novel to finish and turn in, plus I still have travel and promotional commitments through mid-November. And then, you know, there are the holidays. I have no time.

Please hold all blurb requests until the new year, when (hopefully!) I have caught up on my current backlog of requests, have finished my own book, completed my travels, and have taken many, many naps.

Thank you!

— JS

13 Comments on “On Blurb Hiatus Through the Rest of 2023”

  1. Cool. That means that you’ve read or at least read within the book you blurb.

    I guess you still could do blurbs like this one: “The book contains letters, sentences and paragraphs and the author is a really cool person”

  2. Everything after “I have my own novel to finish” seems kind of fuzzy and indecipherable. I finished “Starter Villain” last week and loved it. Can’t wait for what’s next.

  3. Dang! I wrote a great Facebook post and was hoping for a blurb from you… ;-)

    Honestly, enjoy this end of the year and hope you can wrap up all your to-dos, and get those naps in too.

  4. Many naps meaning there will be much time napping, or that frequent interruptions will divide them into large numbers?

  5. Blurb is a funny word. My inner 5-year-old now wants to dance around the house singing “Blurbblurbblurbblurbityblurb…”

  6. Yeah, I do vaguely recall something about you not being a dancing monkey.
    Good luck with your time management. :)

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