Daily Archives: October 4, 2023

Starter Villain a New York Times Bestseller (Again)

This time on the Audio Fiction list. This one is a monthly list, which means Starter Villain got onto the chart despite having only eleven days to do it. I think that’s pretty damn cool, actually. So now the book is a New York Times best seller on three separate charts, which is a new […]

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The Big Idea: Daniel Hope

If you spend your whole life thinking about death, are you even really living? Author Daniel Hope brings us some excellent existential questions like this in the Big Idea for his newest novel, The Inevitable. Follow along as he guides you through a robot’s, and in a sense a human’s, attempt to survive in a […]

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The Unlamented Former Speaker

It’s not exactly a surprise that Kevin McCarthy is no longer Speaker of the House, probably most of all to McCarthy himself. As a condition of his ascendance into that position, which took fifteen rounds of rather embarrassing haggling, he had to agree that a motion to vacate the position (i.e., his ability to get […]

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