Starter Villain a New York Times Bestseller (Again)

This time on the Audio Fiction list. This one is a monthly list, which means Starter Villain got onto the chart despite having only eleven days to do it. I think that’s pretty damn cool, actually. So now the book is a New York Times best seller on three separate charts, which is a new record for me.

On top of that, the book also charted on the USA Today bestseller list for a second week, as well as the fiction bestseller list. Both of these are also pretty great; this cat has got some legs on it. I’m thrilled.


— JS

16 Comments on “Starter Villain a New York Times Bestseller (Again)”

  1. Cats sell! And that is a damn fine cat portrait your artist made for your book.
    Oh, and although I bought the book, I’m considering getting the audio book just to hear Wil Wheaton.

  2. Just finished the audiobook. Wil Wheaton was a LOT of fun! He’s very comfortable with bringing out lots of crazy accents and emphasis. Love his work. And it helps the story was unapologetically unhinged :-D

  3. The book was of course a must buy for me and I did like it, but not quite as much as The Kaiju Preservation Society.
    As someone who is happily under the ownership of a cat, I loved that part of the story. Just was a little put off by how easy it was for some folks to do away with other folks. But I’m going to listen to it again and again.
    PS Wish I could have seen you during your visit to NC, but maybe next time. Keep writing. I love the adventures your writing leads me on.

  4. It’s a good book. Not “great”, but a good read, and engaging. I can’t really put my finger on why I feel its at that level, maybe I just expected it to go a different way in the last third, but I did enjoy it. There are some great quotes from it.

  5. @Stuart Daley

    there’s a sense it ought go off into absolute crazy town… I’m trying to avoid spoilers… uhm… my expectation was there’d be a throne under [REDACTED]’s butt and a crown placed upon [REDACTED]’s head as he sought to become emperor of all he surveys… a reluctant despot upon an unstable throne with a really shiny crown

    that… and the lack of Yiddish Photon Torpedoes in addition to the Jewish Space Laser

  6. Congratulations! I am currently about halfway through my second reading of Starter Villain (I raced through the first time to see what would happen, and am taking it more slowly this time to catch all the snarky nuances) and I am really enjoying it.

    I already have one signed copy stashed away for a holiday gift for one family member, and I’ve decided that there’s a second family member who would also enjoy it enough that they’re going to get one, too. I’m hoping that you’ll be teaming up with Jay & Mary’s again this holiday season for signed book purchases!

  7. Finished it yesterday and it was a lot of fun, but like Melissa, I thought it was no KAIJU PRESERVATION SOCIETY. Not a cat person, but that was a great cover and I bet it sold a lot of books. I enjoyed it.

  8. I’m glad the book has been doing so well. However, I heard the Scalzi Compound Cat Co cats are miffed that you didn’t use one of them for them cover. I have my sources and treats go a long way.

  9. Congratulations, very well deserved! I loved Starter Villain; a very worthy followup to The Kaiju Preservaton Society.

  10. I’ve got good reactions to the cover even from people who are far outside the audience for this book!

  11. Congratulations. Why isn’t Hera on the cover of the book? She deserves to be! You’ve gotten this question hundreds of times by now. Or thousands. Please answer.

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