Where Will John Scalzi Be in October?

Lots of places! Here’s a quick run down, so you might have a chance to catch me in one place or another:

Tomorrow (10/6): Bexley, Ohio: I’m in conversation with VE Schwab about her NYT Bestselling new book The Fragile Threads of Power. 7 PM! Here’s the link for tickets.

Monday (10/9): Wichita, Kansas: United Airlines stranded me in Denver and kept me from making this event during my actual tour, but I am trying again and will be at Watermark Books at 6pm. Come and see me! You can RSVP here.

Friday 10/13 and Saturday 10/14: I will be at New York Comic Con, being an panels and signing books. If you’re going, check the schedules for times and places!

October 19: I will be in Nashville, doing an event at Parnassus Books at 6:30pm as part of the Southern Festival of Books! Please come by! Here’s how you can get tickets.

October 22: I’ll be in Madison Wisconsin, doing an event at 1:30 as part of the Wisconsin Book Festival. Here are the details.

If you are in or near these towns I hope I get to see you.

— JS

8 Comments on “Where Will John Scalzi Be in October?”

  1. So glad you are coming to a city near enough to me that I can justify coming to see you! Erm, do you still enjoy pie, and if so, what is your favorite type?

  2. In my head, I’m hearing “Where in October can you go find John Scalzi” to the tune of the Carmen Sandiego theme song.

  3. @David
    Same! “Where in the … contiguous United States.. is John Michael Scalzi.. 2”

    The two is just in there for meter

  4. Eastern Washington at some point would be amazing!!!! Even though, I would travel to the west side for you!

  5. Bexley, Ohio – no doubt named after a recurring character on “Sanford and Son”, Bubba Bexley.

  6. Thanks for coming to see us tonight. Lots of fun (even if the mics weren’t cooperating). You and V. E. Schwab mentioned your matching Tor rings. Is this something that Tor does for its authors, or is it some kind of private joke?
    Thanks, again!

  7. Hoping to get into your Friday comic con panel. I’ll be the one leaving early to run to the empire stage to see David Tennant.

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