Saturday Gourds and Mums

‘Tis the season! These were arranged by Krissy in our front yard. It’s a nice little autumnal moment.

Slow moving day today. I’m seriously considering napping through most of it.

— JS

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  1. With all the travel you are doing with the book release and all your other work, I say take it easy this weekend and enjoy the naps. You earned it.

  2. Oops, hit submit too soon. Krissy’s yard setup looks really nice. Sooo, does she ever get tired, take naps? Or is it just you? Ha.

  3. Nice job Krissy! Very inspirational. I might have to try something like that, maybe around my front Oak. And you’ve had a busy few weeks, with more to come, John. Get all the cat naps in that you can. 😴 🐱

  4. Naps are a great goodness on an autumn afternoon. Or any afternoon, really.

    I like Krissy’s handiwork in your yard. That’s the kind of decorating I prefer to use, too, seasonal rather than focused on a specific holiday. No fake gravestones or 12-foot skeletons in my yard, but you’ll find plenty of gourds, pumpkins and autumn leaf garlands around the front of the house.

    Enjoy your low-key day of relaxation, and safe travels once you’re back on the road again.

  5. My wife loves to surround everything with creek stones much like you have here. She doesn’t care for Sci-Fi (although I’m going to convince her to read Starter Villain, which I would not categorize as such) but we’ve found some common ground and we’ll work from there. Hope your nap was nice. I always wake up in a puddle of sweat!

  6. TIL that US English does use the word “mum”, but instead of meaning mother, it means chrysanthemum :)

  7. just for giggles, maybe a sytrofoam gravemarker…?

    Founded March 20, 1854
    Suicided January 6, 2021

    for sure basis of a snarky blog post of context and reactions… perhaps a chapter in your next novel

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