Saturday Music: “True Blue”

Now that I get to be at home for a whole weekend, I am back on my bullshit and covering another song, this one by boygenius, the “supergroup” of three notable solo artists (Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus), whose album The Record is probably my favorite of this entire year, with “True Blue” possibly my favorite song of the bunch. And as it’s largely sung by Dacus, the bottom of whose range coincides the with top of mine, I thought I would give it a try. I made two small alterations to the lyrics (making the subject of the song more age-appropriate to a 54-year-old man and changing “bitch” to “witch” because Dacus can say the word in a non-derogatory fashion, but it’s harder for me to), but otherwise it’s the same song.

I’m happy with it, if mildly annoyed that my vocal-syncing software needs updating to the latest Mac OS, so I had to cut and stick with two vocal tracks to try to get them to come together after a fashion. I was less successful than the syncing software would have been. Also, my falsetto still needs a bit of work. (Update, 10/11: Reposted to fix slightly out of sync vocals; falsetto still not great). Still, pretty pleased. If you listen to it, I hope you enjoy it. And here is the original for compare and contrast purposes. Per the usual, it’s better. But I’m not trying to be better than the original, I’m just trying to enjoy myself playing music.

— JS

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