View From a Hotel Window 10/9/23: Wichita (Finally)

Those of you following my travel here will remember I was meant to be in Wichita roughly three weeks ago as part of my book tour, only to be thwarted by the fact that United Airlines couldn’t manage to keep its planes in good enough condition to fly, so I had to cancel and reschedule.

Yesterday I flew in via American, with no issues whatsoever, so I happy to say that tonight’s event at Watermarks Books & Cafe will go on as planned, at 6pm. If you are in or around the area of Wichita, Kansas, please come see me, I would hate to have gone through so much effort just to be alone. See you soon!

— JS

10 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window 10/9/23: Wichita (Finally)”

  1. We always enjoy his signings in Chapel Hill.

    Go see him if you can. A good time will be had by all!

  2. Sadly will not be able to attend this rescheduled event tonight, but I did order a copy of Starter Villain from Watermark Books, as I would have bought one while I was there. While I wouldn’t say Wichita is exemplary for a Kansas town, I hope you enjoy your visit in our fair state. Definitely plan on catching you the next time you tour through here!

  3. That looks like the Cessna/Beechcraft factory in the background of the pic… so if he had to get industrial, at least it’s aviation. :)

  4. Wouldn’t such a scenic parking lot make up for being alone at your event?

    (kidding; you do take surprisingly appealing parking lot photos, though. It’s a talent and a finely-honed skill, probably.)

  5. As a retired commercial pilot, I share your frustration with the airlines–especially United. Last week I had to fly through Denver on them on my way back from delivering a small airplane to California–and either their airplane or their Denver airport hub gave me COVID.

    One of the frustrations of flying professionally is the way the FAA rules sometimes required us to cancel or abort due to what may seem some diddlysh*t minor maintenance issue. But the rules relating to safety are–and have to be!–pretty damn inflexible. It’s for the greater good.

    Old adage: “It is better to be on the ground, wishing you were in the air, than the other way around.”

  6. uhm… Toto it seems we are indeed back in Kansas…

    no… no… too trite… not personalized… so? hmmm… ah…!

    look! up in the sky! it’s a bird! it’s a plane! it’s…

    …nope Scalzi missed his flight again didn’t he

  7. We enjoyed your talk and it was well worth the three hour drive both ways. Hope you got to see a bit more of the state than the “view” from the hotel. The Flint Hills are nice this time of year.
    And you did too write a movie review about “The Mighty Morphin Power rangers” when you were at The Bee.
    I’ll bet my best Zord on it…

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